Finding that Right Equation

We all need some help at some time or other. And I am right along with the rest in looking in all areas when I am at a loss. So I look online as well with the people around me for help and support.

My area of loss is in numbers. You see I have dyslexia. And while there is spell check for my email and blogs there is not a math check for my check book or budget. I have always had problems trying to make numbers work.

When I was in school I had to have Math Help. Most often in came in way of a friend. She was a wiz with numbers. And thankfully she sat right beside me. Now I am not saying to cheat! NO! But to have her right there to help when I was so lost. It was through her that we understood I did not see things the same way as she did or most others.

I had to have Algebra Help. And thankfully I was able to pass the most fundamental of classes in math. Now days most kids can get Online Tutoring. There are sites to help with most any subject. Just start searching and you can find many ways to find that extra bit for your child. I know that it was helpful to me to have a tutor in math.

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