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Now we are not talking about the big things like be honest, love your parents, love God, be kind to others, accept Jesus as your Savior. But those less than obvious things.

So what would I say were the three things I taught my College Girl.

Well, let me think. I know that we had 10 rules to life. But I will not post them here. What else?

If it was a guy here I am sure we would have how to make armpit farting sounds and how to play pull my finger. And the 'goody goodies' are likely to say follow what your told by your elders and alway say yes sir and no sir.
But I am looking for those lil things that we end up finding invaluable later on.

So here is my attempt.

#1 Rely on yourself first. When you can care for yourself then you can start having others as a relationship. This way if something happens your not staying in a bad relationship because you do not have a way of caring for yourself.

#2 Pass it on. Try every day to pass it on. Do some good deed or act of kindness. Weather it is picking up the tab of the person behind you in line at the drive through. Or simple as giving a smile to the person next to you. Just find ways to Pass It On.

#3 Round up your totals in your checking account. If you write a check for 10.59 the round it to 11.00. You will never be overdrawn and at the end of the year have a lil nest egg to move to your saving account.

So what are your 3 things? Post them on to your blog and jump on the McLinky Blog Hop.

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