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What happened in your life yesterday? The day before? How about last week? Well, since we blog I bet we have a decent idea of the highlights. Now tell me about last year? How about 10 years ago? When you was seven? Can't be too sure can we. Our lives are made up of millions of events, billions of little things and an unknown number of who knows what. Right!
Donald Miller wrote a book titled "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years". It is a great lil ride as one man tries to catch up with all those lil memories. Finding out it is not what we remember but what we make of our lives. I had such fun reading this and thought you may want to share in some of this story. Pop over here and you will see the book cover and start reading the story for yourself.
Meanwhile let me fill you in without giving away an ounce of this tale. Here is what another description of "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" says:

Full of beautiful, heart-wrenching, and hilarious stories, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details one man's opportunity to edit his life as if he were a character in a movie.

Years after writing a best-selling memoir, Donald Miller went into a funk and spent months sleeping in and avoiding his publisher. One story had ended, and Don was unsure how to start another.

But he gets rescued by two movie producers who want to make a movie based on his memoir. When they start fictionalizing Don's life for film--changing a meandering memoir into a structured narrative--the real-life Don starts a journey to edit his actual life into a better story. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details that journey and challenges readers to reconsider what they strive for in life. It shows how to get a second chance at life the first time around.

Now I could not start to think of how I would actually edit my life. I mean we all take time to look at our lives and see what we have done. Plan on where we wish to be and think of how we are going to get there. But how often do we actually get out there and make those active changes. Okay, I am currently doing that in "reinventing" myself with better habits and weight loss. And it feels great but is lots of active work. Maybe that is what scares us the most. Actively working to change or become more? But we do not have to be scared. As Don reminds us, this is not a journey we do on our own. We have help. God is always with us. Walking in our steps, guiding us when we remember to follow and giving us encouragement. Sometimes we have to stop and plan, but when we do we can always focus on what changes we need and wish to make. And know we will have a great partner in that change.

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