Can You Solve the Cube?

Twist, turn, twirl.....oh my gosh!
I can not do this!
Pant, huff, puff..........again, twist, turn, twirl!
I give up.

No this is not the way I sound with my latest exercise program.

RubikImage by Toni Blay via Flickr

It is me trying to make a Rubik cube work.
Yeah, you remember the colors are all suppose to be the same on each side.

Well, growing up my bother could work magic with the Rubik cube. But I could only pull the lil stickers off and reattach them in a somewhat skewed fashion.
But now I can finally one up my brother!

Yeah, I have a secret weapon and plan on pulling out all the stops at the holidays.
He will see his lil sis can do the mind bending Rubik cube.


This is TheCoffee's Rubik's Cube in solved state.Image via Wikipedia

I have the solution guide and the CD.
Pop over to you can do the cube and learn for yourself.
Leaning how to do this elusive cube has made me feel so much better about myself already.
And I did not know it also is a math tool. Figures that is why I have issues.
You can download the solution guide for free on the solution kit page.
But on top of that there are links for math teachers (home schoolers can use this too!) and for youth groups. Many youth groups are using the cube to help foster life lessons in following directions, problem-solving, negotiation and teamwork. Having members teach others how to solve the cube. The Rubik's cube also teaches math concepts. And parents we too can use this lil ol cube to bond with our children. Who do you think can solve it faster? Only you know the solution....or do you?

For fun watch Will Smith solve the cube in 2 minutes! Amazing to me.

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  1. Puff!Puff! Huff! Ugh! Puff! I made it! Sorry it took me so long! I planned on getting on here sooner, but my hubby did it again! He looked at the event calendar wrong for Branson (2times now!_ I'm beginning to think he really doesn't want to go! I guess it will be the first of November before we go to Branson. Oh well, so goes life, right?



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