Where are Your Glasses?

Do you have a child who has to wear glasses?
I know I started at an early age and HATED it!
My glasses fell off (oops) every chance I had.
Then my mother put the dreaded granny chain on them. Oh that was delightful in school!

Well Randy Kazandy also has to wear glasses.
And he does not like it either.

But his mom knows how to stay one up on Randy and has many pairs of glasses for him. It is fun to see all the ways Randy decides to get rid of his glasses. But know he adjust with the help of his exasperated m0ther and his helpful father.

This is a delightful book to share with your child. Especially if they are new to glasses. I especially enjoy the website that goes along with the book. There they have fun and games for kids. And the story of Helen Keller, one of my heroes!
Your child can also send an email to Randy with any questions, comments or ideas about their glasses and sight. In addition to children's poetry and Randy on YouTube. Just an all around fun site. So pop over and check them out. And get this book for your new glasses owner!

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