The Method that Works

I have been working on losing weight for 9 months now. And it is hard....very hard. Now I can handle the exercise I am doing. Actually ready to add more of it on. Diets are something I can do but not loving. Not too hard to cut out somethings but miss others. Most of all I suck at control. It is so hard to feel that I have to always be in control of everything I do. And my weight loss is showing that I am wearing down. Getting really tired and want to revive myself so I do not lose momentum. So I was happy to read The Anderson Method. This is not a diet book. This is not a book of exercise. This is a book that works as a companion to your weight loss. William Anderson a Licensed Mental Health Counselor shares with us how to reprogram addictive habits. And eating is a necessary habit yet quite addictive at that. William Anderson lost 140 pounds (wow!) and has kept it off for over two decades now. He shares from experience and from what he has learned in years of counseling others.

In reading this book I have found ways to gain control over habits and compulsions. What sets up craving. And how to change what we crave. Also ways to adopt new habits and to stop using food for pleasure and comfort which is something I have always done.
Now I am better at conscious eating and planning ahead. Stop using DIETS and work at having a lifestyle change and stop buying those goodies that are not good for me.
I am learning to use tools for a better self image. It is has been hard for me to see the changes in my body even though everyone else sees them. With the Anderson Method I am working on written goals and self talk. I am also learning aversive conditioning which I think will help me focus on what I am doing better. Many overweight people have tried all other diets, fads and programs only to fail. But using this method of reprogramming their thought process they have won and learned the secret to permanent weight loss.

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  1. He Lynette! I've miss your comments! You been busy? LOL Like I didn't know!


    Look forward to see them again!

  2. hey Lenore, i'm encouraged by your journey. how many pounds and inches have you lost? how long has it been since you started? bev


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