Update On Randy Kazandy

I was telling you about Randy Kazandy today. Well I spoke to the author and she updated me with what will be coming up for Randy Kazandy.
I just thought you would like to know what to look forward to after reading Randy Kazandy, Where are Your Glasses?

From Rhonda Fischer- Author
Randy Kazandy will be getting his teeth cleaned and I have a dentist in town who wants to have a book signing in his office around Halloween to tell the ghostly news. This dentist would make a great character. Randy getting braces, yes? I need input for the series. All ideas are welcome. I also won the book of 2009 Book of Excellence Award with Creative Child's Magazine and won an award with the Children's Arts and Illustrators Museum in St. Louis Missouri. Things are looking up. I am up for about 4 more awards. I am keeping my fingers crossed! AND TOES!

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