Clean Hands

Did you know this is clean hands week? Well I did not either. But I am one lucky lady! Because this week I also received the Shandle. You have not heard of the Shandle?

The Shandle is a handle that goes on the underside of the toilet seat so you can raise the seat without touching it. Thus less germs are passed on. But there is more. The Shandle also reminds you to Wash Your Hands!

With me helping out with Emma on her potty training right now this could not be better timing. Here is the Shandle that we received.

Cute huh? Well of course Emma was excited because we have something new. And she loves the Frog Bear character. It did not take but a couple of minutes that she was ready to use the Shandle and then of course we had to Wash Our Hands. Emma is currently using a potty chair at our house. And we have to empty the potty. Emma wants to lift and close the seat and flush the toilet when we do this. So I think the Shandle will make this easier for her to do. Also it is much cleaner too!

There are a few other tips I learned too.
The Shandle is made from antimicrobial treated plastic which prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. That is a great extra.
The Shandle works best on flat bottom seats and is not recommended for wooden or padded toilet seats.

Now not everyone wishes to have a cute character in their bathroom. And I actually feel the Shandle is great to have weather you have children or not. We all know that men have to use the restroom and they do not wish to have to touch the seat either. So Shandle has decorative handles also. And they also have Halloween ones for those who love to decorate everywhere.

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  1. Can I tell you how much I hate touching toilet seats? I have this germ thing...and I never knew there was such a thing so YOU HAVE HUGE THANKS from me for this post...


  2. I just park the pressure washer by the toilet. Problem solved!

  3. Those Shandles are pretty cool.. With all of my little daycare kiddos I definitely could use one.
    Actually right now they are all pottied trained which is a blessing.. Except for the 14 month old and the 4 month old..
    My 2 year old niece could definitely use a Shandle since playing with the potty (pretending she is going potty) is her fave thing to do.. Hand washing is a must!
    Have a terrific day!


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