Cleaning things Up

I am still learning more and more about Windows. Having used MAC for so long this like walking in a new land. First I had to learn about virus scans. Then how to defrag a system and dump cookies. (Personally I would prefer to eat cookies then dump them). There are many differences. Now I was asked if I have a registry cleaner.

Well, now I don't think so? But of course I am not sure either. What is a registry cleaner? And why does one choose to clean registry? I did not even know I had a registry? So of course I head to Nessa to ask. (Poor dear has to always be my question girl.) It seems she is a wealth of knowledge.

I find out that if you do you have the opportunity to store a computer's configuration. Conducting a windows registry scan and clean once every few weeks will make sure you're getting peak performance out of your computer. So now I know. And this is another program I am looking into for the care of my computer.

What do you learn about yours? And how do you learn about all the things you need to do to care for your computer?

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