Pow Wow Festival

Tomorrow is our annual Pow Wow for small town Texas where we live.

Them's fighin' words!Image by Spitfire_Pisces via Flickr

And it is a fun fun event.
Top it off, this year I do not have to work the Pow Wow so I can go and have fun!
Sad to say Dear Hubby and College Girl can not attend.
But, I can take Emma and we can try out some of the events.

Which ones do you think we should do?

Fu Karate Team Demonstration

Brazos Bottom Cowographers Performance old west shows

United Freestyle Stunt Team

2007 PowwowImage by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

Ballet Folklorico Azteca Mexican folk dance

AirEvac Helicopter Landing

Sahawe Indian Dancers

Outlaw’s Prayer

Antique Tractor Parade

Nana Puddin’ Performer Nancy Worchester ventriloquist and storyteller

21st Annual Classic Car Show Awards

Classic Car Cruise

Ford Model T used for giving tourist rides at ...Image via Wikipedia


Ranch Rodeo

Freedom Street Dance

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  1. I'd pick the car show and helicopters, but that might not appeal to Emma.

  2. I have never been to a POW WOW Festival but my daycare kiddos Lexi and Aaron go every year and they love it. I may just have to try it out sometime. It definitely sounds fun.


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