Learning I am Innately Good

I remember being told that I was fat as a child.
My brothers and sister were not fat.
They were skinny as a matter of fact.
But I was fat. As a matter of fact I am fat.

Do you remember something like that.
Something that as a child struck at your very core and you never shook it?
I think we all do about something.

Well how do we ever shake that off.
Ok, I am overweight now. And I am working my tail feathers to take take the weight off finally.
But I do not see weight loss (yes it is there 30+ lbs of it).
In the mirror I still see . . .

that I am a fat child!

We are all "Innately Good" and that is just what Jan Denise is sharing with us in her book. She

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helps us see it is a myth that we are not good enough. Weather it is our body image, our self confidence or just that overwhelming desire to be the best, many of us struggle to be better!
And this often starts as young children. But we can break free and learn how to counter negative messages from others. How we can take risk and stand up for ourselves. How to be a better parent and not pass on these negative beliefs.

So I am learning that I am
And you know what else?
I am not always going to be either!

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  1. :) You're awesome, Lynette..You really are! have a great weekend

  2. What a great positive message to start a weekend with! Thank you for sharing!

    p.s. thank you for stopping by and for your supportive words! I appreciate it!

  3. Well said, Lynette. Good for you.

  4. Check out my new post. I nominated you for having One Lovely Blog


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