One Lovely Blog Award

Why Ann of My World sure has made me happy tonight.
I arrived home from dinner to find out she nominated me for a blog award.
And now I am told that I have

One Lovely Blog

Now for the Rules:

1) Add the logo to your blog

2) Link to the person from whom you received this award

3) Nominate 5 blogs

4) Leave a message on their blog – letting them know that they are ‘One Lovely Blog’


1. PJ at PJ's Prayer Line
2. Nessa at her new site!
3. (♥ World Through the Eyes of a Fiber Artist ♥) -my newest online friend.
4. In honor of Miss Mae's Birthday at Every Day Is a Crazee Day
5. And every so fun at her twist in life- The Crazy Suburban Mom


  1. Wow, that is so nice of you, Lynette! Thank you!

  2. You totally deserve it!

  3. Wow! thank you so much! I'm so sorry I missed this for so long, lynette!


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