Twirl & Taste You Are the Winner!

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The prize (1) 18x24” rolled poster print.

I will be using my free large format poster print as a special prize for our family reunion this year. I plan on taking the group photo and blowing it up and letting everyone sign it. Then next year we will use it in our white elephant auction to help support our reunion.

FREE UPS Ground Shipping for US residents for the winner. So my lovely Canandian friends I am sorry you do not get to win this one.

I wonder how Libby of Twirl and Taste is going to use this as a special prize. Yes, because you are the follower of the month. And this is your special gift. Contact me soon as I have to get your email over to so you can receive your poster print.

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise this morning. I'm so excited.
    Happy Twirls


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