Computer Caught a Cold?

Well I had to go looking for a new virus removal program this last week. My free trial had ran

Computer Virus Spreads to HumansImage by TedRheingold via Flickr

out and I know there is so many others out there to use. I asked my dear sweet Nessa what she used and as always word of mouth seems to be how we find most answers. So she pointed me in the right direction.

I am having to learn a lot more about computer protection now that I have a windows unit. I was not use to all of this with my MAC computers. And I promise you it is not easy to keep up with. So I sorta want a one stop shopping for virus protection.

What do you use? Who do you trust to tell you what is best? Is it what is most popular or what came with your system? And how did you ever learn all the ins and outs of a windows system?

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  1. I called in an expert to "clean" up my computer. He downloaded a bunch of (free) spyware and put the icons on my desk top. He then spent an hour showing me how to use them. He recommends once a week but I find time more like once a month. Wsy to complicated for me to figure out on my own.


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