Passing on the Savings

I have a few goodies to share with you if your interested. Coupon codes, free new site and the such! Ok here we go. . . is where I buy my ink for my printer. They have the best price for me and since I have to have over 6 cartridges I need the best price I can get. Well with my last order I received two more coupon codes. For 5% off your orders use coupon codes FRIEND3 and FRIEND4. These are not applicable on OEM products though. is my fav place to order my lowfat yet yummy donuts. And you can get 4 jumbo reduced fat cinnamon buns when you order any other donuts. Just use the coupon code of 4FREECB at checkout! Enjoy these sinful tasting but not waist widening goodies. And there is also a coupon code to give you $10.00 off instead by typing in 10OCT. Now that is a decent savings there.

Oh and go over to My Job Chart at They are now all FREE. Sign up and use this great online tool with your kiddos to keep track of their chores. Great lil site to help them keep on top of chores and task. And helps you too! I know that I would be there right now if College Girl was not College Girl but just School Girl.

Have a great day y'all and enjoy the savings too!

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  1. I ordered the Holey Donuts last week - suppose to ship this coming week - I hope they are as good as I've heard.

    I got a sample of the donut holes, and 3 different assortments of the Low Fat varieties. I also got the 4 free Cinnamon Buns. The shipping charges are a bit steep - so I really hope everyone likes these here at home ....... something different for a change.


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