? Lockers ?

We have all made it through the 1st month of back to school now. How are you surviving the time away from the kids. Ok, Ok, do not celebrate that much now that they are not underfoot all day.
Honestly, we miss our children but also are glad they are off and at school again. Now is the time that the first teacher conferences start up. Some of them are great and do it over the phone as your child is an angel. But others, must see us in person.
I went the other day down to the school with a friend who had such a conference. While she was 'visiting' with the teacher I had a lil look see of the new school.
Do you know that something is amiss at our 1 yr old school? Yes, someone forgot to put in the lockers. There is not any in the halls. School Lockers were a great part of our day when I was in class. It was where we congregated for a quick visit. And who can forget the smell of a gym locker? I know that this is a growing trend to not put then in the schools but I feel we are losing something. Not just a place to stow our books and bags but a time period of being with each other.
So what kind of things do you remember from hanging out at your locker? Did you ever have a wood locker? And do you know where there might be some lockers for sale ?

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  1. I cannot believe that they do not have lockers. They change classes don't they? Where do they put their books and junk? So much for socialization and the kids backs. We didn't have lockers in elementary school but we did after that. It would have been awful if we didn't. I am not sure where we would put our books and stuff.


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