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I have had so much fun looking for my Dear Hubby's lil black book. Honest! I always said he had the book that has all the excuses men give their wives. You know what I mean. Why men can't pick up their dirty clothes? How did they forget your anniversary? And didn't they see that game last week?
Honest my DH always has such sweet answers I know he has to be getting them from some cheat sheet some where. Now I know where! Yep, I found his lil black book and it was (as expected) in disguise with a plain white wrapper. Even had the nerve to title it 'Rick and Bubba's Guide To The Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage'
I have had so much fun reading this book. And the CD that is at the end has had me in stitches in the Durango. I was so happy to receive this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I do not know how I have not heard Rick and Bubba on the radio or their TV show or through their books. It must have been a conspiracy to save DH from me. I know that I now have a goal to let all the other GRITS (girls raised in the south) know that there is a book (man's guide to marriage) that has all the secrets we have been looking for. Oh and to top it off I found out they stole our secrets too!
They published our well hidden Book of Blame to share with our football loving, hunting, fishing, can't find the remote darling husbands. There is even a confidentiality agreement the men must sign to keep us from finding out. So GRITS, I have caught them red handed and expect you to go out and find your DH's copy of 'Rick and Bubba's Guide To The Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage'.
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