Curves and Clothes

With me working so hard on my weight loss I am now able to wear some smaller clothes. But they are still a plus size. A smaller plus size so that is the right direction.

This last week I went through and pulled out the clothes that are too large now. And I am learning to wear clothes that actually fit close to my body. That is so new to me! To really show off my body. I have a few items that fit all my curves now. And yes I do have some curves to start to show off.

Now I have been looking at different Clothing Catalogues. Trying to see if I can find a new style for myself. I am learning to wear dresses that have a belt to emphasize my waist. Or that I have a waist. I have also made sure that I have proper under garments so that everything stays where it should too. That makes a big difference as to how clothes hang on you.

So now that I am working so hard to lose, it is time for me to rethink how I look. What have you done in the past to reward a diet? Do you get rid of your old clothes? Is it too soon to get some new items that fit right? And should I be proud to show off my curves? What do you think?

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