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Are you a game player. I mean like board games, cards, dominos and the such? I love to play games. We have had a regular game night here for several years. Well til recently. It was moved from my home to my aunts due to my uncles is unable to travel now. But I miss the games now too. I want to be at home where I can see Dear Hubby since our time is quite short each day. But I want to play games.

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Yeah, I do play games online. Hand and foot is my most common game. So is hearts. But I want to learn how to play poker better. I have not played Online Poker before. I have always been nervous to try it out. I am not one to bet, lose money or even play the lottery. But I am told you can play here in free rooms. Now that I can handle. And they have it where you can also learn the rules to poker. I am wanting to understand Texas Hold 'Em. I think that Nessa's hubby would like it if we could get up a poker game sometime. He has been teaching me how to play 42 already.

Well do you need to go to poker school like I do? Or are you a Vegas winner already? What games do you enjoy? And will you let the kids win?
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