The Saga Continues

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The Twins and I

Well things with the TF is not getting any better. The mom has been arrested and released on a charge of "her friend attacking her husband before any of this stuff happened". I don't know. It does not make a lot of sense. But the out come is that CPS (child protective services) has now been called in.

CPS contacted me last night to see if the kids could all stay here. They did emergency background checks on my mom, DH, CG and myself. And all was approved. Today a worker is to come do a home visit and bring some paperwork. I am not sure when. I am also not sure as to the length of the stay the children will have here. Also the dad's family has placed a protective order against the mom from seeing or being around her children. So currently my family is all that is to be around the children. This is getting more and more messed up for these kids.

Last night we did dinner and baths. Just explaining to the older ones that they were spending the night here. Placed the twins in our room on a spare bed and the older two in the living room right next to it. Today we did morning routine since we have been getting them ready for school here before anyway. Also they spent the Christmas break here too. So life was pretty calm.

Also today I helped CG start packing for her move to the dorms this weekend. We will be converting her bedroom into a sewing room for my mom. This will make a "suite" for my mom at the back of the house. She will have her sewing room, bathroom and bedroom all alone where no one else uses those rooms. Nice huh? I am glad as she needs the space too. We should have the sewing room up and in action by Monday of next week. This is something my mom has wanted for some time. CG is leaving most of her things here but just putting them up. Also she is only taking 2 weeks of clothes with her. She can come home every other weekend and change out clothes. (Letting me do her laundry is a plus for her.)

DH was in a tail spin last night with the turn of events. But he has evened out today and we are working on what we need to prepare for. Also planning on all we need to accomplish this weekend end. He will finally have two days off after working for 26 days straight. Maybe we can get enough done that he can sleep most of Sunday.

In the meantime I am gathering clothes for the children. All I had last night was the clothes they had on. I was able to get 2 to 3 outfits each by going to the mom's house for a little while. I still need to purchase some socks and underwear for them all this evening. And hopefully come up with more warm clothes for the babies. I should be able to get them from the mom's house tonight. Our dear neighbor Nessa has also pitched in with outfits. And she is taking in the TF pets so they will be cared for during this time. We do not know what will happen to the mom or dad now.

Please continue to pray for all these people. I am afraid it will get worse before it gets any better.


  1. My prayers are with you as well as the TF !

  2. My prayers are with all of you.

  3. Dropping by from sits. Sending some sunshine your way.


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