College Girls Last Night with Mom

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College Girl was talking to me today about set design for a play. And we got off looking for modern furniture. While we were surfing the web the site GO CONTEMPO popped up. And we fell in love with all the cool looking things there.

Especially the Heller-Bocca Lips sofa. I could just die to have that in my bedroom to lounge on. Fire engine red lips where I would lie back with a book in one hand and a cool tall drink in the other. That would be the life. What do you think?

Any way as we were swooning over these lips the name Frank Gehry caught College Girl's eye. She is always looking into who is new or doing what in the decorating scene. He is a celebrated architect that is in many museums. He has won the Pritzker Prize, the National Medal of Arts Award and the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal. And he now has a line of contempo furniture. The Frank Gehry Furniture Collection is modern and futuristic. Like beautiful silver orbs that decorate a "James Bond" set. College Girl would just love being able to do a play or movie like that.

There is a cool resin "marble column" that can be the wildest lounge ever. College Girl said she would use in in a Greek tragedy as if the columns of a Colosseum had toppled. And now the heroin was reclining on this while she looked at all city that had came to rest at her feet. Isn't this a great way to use such interesting furniture. College Girl thinks that set design in the theater is one of her favorite subjects. Now she just wishes she could get all of the cool furniture over here at GO CONTEMPO to use too!

Well it is great that she is a theater major. We will be moving her into the dorms tomorrow. Oh how I am going to miss her being around. I love having her here with me to day dream with.

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  1. wow... what an amazing day! i remember unpacking my oldest for the first time... as i went to give her a last hug, she burst into tears and clung to me.


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