CG Moved to the Dorms

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Oh we have taken my CG away!

Yesterday was an all day event of getting her moved in.
Had hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Loading the vehicle with all of her things she must have.
(Not nearly as much as the first time we did this)

She even had her teddy bear seat belted in the front seat.
So off we drive.
Getting all of 16 miles down the highway, when CG pulls to the side of the road.
She forgot to bring her PURSE! LOL

Up a bit to a lil local grocery store where we can have a cup of coffee.
And Grandma to the rescue.
Yes, we called my Mom to bring CG's purse to her.
I am sitting there thinking how together CG has her life and can not pick up her purse.

Well off we get back on the road with our lil two car caravan.
Arriving at the school around 1 pm.
CG has to check in with the dorm.
We get the key and check in list.
And find the room is FILTHY.

We did not think to bring cleaning supplies.
Up and down the hall looking for someone with brooms, mops and more.
Have to sweep, mop and scrub the floors and they still make a crunchy sound under foot.
But do what we can.

DH does all the toting and unloading for us.
Bringing in her clothes and boxes of possessions.
I start unpacking to put things away, organizing as I go.
CG running back and forth saying yes to everything.

We get it all set up.
Looking Good!

Then off to visit with her best friend in his new apartment.
Dinner since we have not eaten since breakfast.
And back to the dorm for hugs and good byes.
CG hugging me tight and me hugging her even tighter.

Time to drive away.
DH says we will stop and visit his folks for awhile.
And before we get there CG has called me Twice
and I called her Once.

Oh let's see how all this goes.
My lil CG is off to college and I am home without her.


  1. At least you got cinnamon rolls out of the deal! Yum.

    I remember my parents dropping me off at college and seeing my mom try not to cry as they pulled away. Oh, the angst! For both of us.

    I think she tried to delay the inevitable by making our "quick trip" to WalMart last two hours!

    (Found you through SITS and thought I'd drop in to say "hi.")

  2. Popping in from SITS to say hi and this blog just caught my eye. My girl is only 14, but I know the day is coming. Enjoy your sits day--hope you get lost of visits!


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