Taxes are Due

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My brother contacted me today about my dad's taxes for 2008. I am not sure you would remember but I lost my dad in February. His taxes are now our responsibility. I am not sure how I am going to pay for them. My brother inherited his house but had to let it go. He did not have the means to pay for the mortgage. And in this market was not able to sell it in time to save the house. So there is not an income from that to help with the taxes.

You see my dad did not have mortgage insurance on his home. Nor did he have life insurance. If he had used a company like NAA Life, we would not be in this situation. I started looking up information online for DH and I. You see I too need to get this insurance to protect my own CG. So I started checking out what was available. That is how I found NAA Life. I did not even know we could have mortgage insurance before reading on this site. Our home is purchased on a for sale by owner program. So I do not have a mortgage company that could have told me about this. I have found how important it is to take care of my CG in all circumstances. For this is my responsibility and would be my reassurance too.

I also need to get life insurance for me. DH has this through work. But as a SAHM on disability I do not have that option. So it is time for me to look at what I can do. I do not want CG to one day be in my shoes. Having inherited a house only to loose it. Or to have to pay for my debts due to me not taking care to provide. This sure would give me peace of mind. I hope to leave her "a piece of paper" that is really an investment for me and her.

Do you have any insurance? On your home? Life? Who would you want to protect?


  1. shortly after don and i moved in togehter, he insisted on getting life insurance for me. now if anything happens to me before im 60, im worth more dead than alive. (gulp!)

  2. My father's father died without insurance, and my father was very concerned about that. Over the years, he bought lots and lots of life insurance. Finally Mom said, "If you buy any more I will kill you, because you are worth more dead than alive." Dad is still alive, but now has a reasonable amount of insurance. Mom died with a reasonable policy.

    I do hope you are talking to an accountant who can help you and your brother. There are new laws to help people, especially in regard to the house forclosure.

  3. Is it tax time already? I swear it seems like I'm still digesting Thanksgiving dinner. Time surely flies!!!

    I'm a huge fan of insurance. I have every type available. I worked as a claims adjuster and did insurance litigation for many years. I just know it's always worth it to have the protection available. Always.

  4. We are always thinking about stuff like that (is that morbid or just good planning?!) and fortunately, hubby has the brain for that kind of thing--most of it is over my head.

  5. Insurance? Mortgage? That's another of those things I need to start learning about, isn't it? I'm sure you or Dad will be explaining it to me during tonight's phone call. Or once you read this. ;)

  6. what a fun game!! i might copy this someday. cool with you?


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