Answers to Guessing Game

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I had a guessing game from my 100 items give away.
The following photos are close ups of some of the items you may win.
I am sorry some of the photos become blurry when they are enlarged.
And what they really are.
I hope you like them.


No one guessed this one.

Candle in a tin.


Willow Lake Scents and Kathy both guessed Rose.

It is actually rose soap petals.
I thought this would be romantic in a bath.


Kathy said a bath scrubby.

And no Writers & Witches, & Words...Oh, My! it is not Lettuce.

And she was right. It is with Green Apple bath gel and lotion.


Willow Lake Scents guessed Ribbon.
And Kathy guessed sheer fabric.
Yes it is a organza bag with a silk ribbon.

Holding some Feesia bath gel and lotion.
Yeah I like bath products.


Willow Lake Scents guessed soap.

Egg Nog scented candles.
4 to the box.


Willow Lake Scents guessed a snow flake ornament.
I could see where she gets that.
But the snow flake is actually a design on the back of the package.

Actually it is a air freshener diffuser.
You know the ones with the lil reeds that go in it.


This was my favorite.
I just liked the way it looked.

But it is two small glass candle sticks with candles to go in them.
Back to the romantic.
Candle light dinner anyone?


Willow Lake Scents you got this one right too.
You said frame.

This is two small magnet pictures for the fridge.
I liked the look of them.
Can keep notes and think of another place to be sometimes.

tied on correct guesses.
3 each.

I hope y'all liked these items.
This is just a lil of what will be in the 100 items give away.
Make sure you go and enter.
You only have a few days left to enter.
I wonder who is going to win?

visit my
100 item give away blog!


  1. LMAO ~ well at least I guessed a few right, but damn lady ~ that was tough !


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