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I love cooking.  It is something that makes me feel like I am sharing my love with family and friends.  But it is hard to keep track of the recipes as I make them up.  I have tried writing them down.  But my handwriting is not the best.  Also have put them in my computer to save them. But when it is time to remake a dish I have to print it out.  Usually I am out of printer ink or the printer is out of whack.  So I am writing it down so I can take it to the kitchen.

This is all fixed for me now.  I have the Key Ingredient Reader.  This is great for keeping up with my creations and being able to recall them when I wish too.  My creations are kept online with my account on Key Ingredient.  I then plug my reader into the USB port and sync them together.  They work together to put my recipes and the ones I favorite onto the reader.  Next I can move my reader to the kitchen where it is easy to use to create delicious meals.  I have already moved three of the recipes that I put on this blog to the reader.  So simple.

Now let me tell you how your community can benefit too!

Community Cookbook Contest

Welcome to the Key Ingredient Community Cookbook Contest Event Signup Page!

Key Ingredient at Gourmet Housewares Vegas
Key Ingredient at
 Gourmet Housewares Vegas
(Photo credit: dhgoodman)

Host an Event for your community and get free gifts, free prizes, and a chance to win $2,000 for your community!

In the spirit of community, we are trying to bring people together to enjoy food, community, and great recipes.  A Host must find a location for their event, create a theme, and get the word out!  We’ll provide:
  • A Host Checklist and Guide, with Instructions on how to compete in the Community Cookbook Contest.
  • A Free Key Ingredient Recipe Reader for the Host to Demo at your Event and then Keep for themselves: ($149 value)
  • An additional Free Key Ingredient Recipe Reader for you to Raffle or Give-away at your Event! ($149 value)
  • Handout Material including instructions on how your community can compete for the $2,000 prize.
  • A poster that explains the Community Cookbook Contest and includes your Community Tag.
  • 20 Free Gifts for your first 20 Guests that arrive (or as Party prizes, its up to you).
Here are a few theme ideas for you:
  • Community Potluck Party – have everyone bring a dish and a recipe… then explain to the group how to put the recipe online at and become qualified to win $2000 for your community.
  • Community Recipe Party – skip the cooking step above, and just have everyone bring their favorite recipe… (not as tasty, but still fun).
  • Regularly Scheduled Side-event – perhaps you already have an event planned?  If so, great, make the Community Cookbook Contest a part of it, by setting aside 10-minutes to tell everyone how to submit their recipes at with the event tag,
  • Have any questions? Please contact Emilie Thuesen at (512-462-4996 ext. 407) or Ashley Scotti at
Simply sign up to host a Community Cookbook Contest for your community below! they’ll arrange to send you your package, and give you a unique Community Tag to tag your recipes on
Now if this is not enough of a cool deal or if you are not able to do a community project, how about winning your very own Key Ingredient Reader right here on Crazed Mind?  Yes not only did Key Ingredient send me a reader to review they are also providing one for you to win.  Pretty amazing.  Just enter below on the Rafflecopter.  Good Luck!
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  1. mini pineapple upsidedown cakes...Kevin loves them kind of cakes :)

  2. carol roberts8/14/13, 1:21 PM

    Pecan Balls (Christmas Cookies)

  3. ok they had me at (Orange Creamsicle) Cheesecake

  4. Pineapple upside down cake.

  5. Congratulations Jennifer H! I so wanted this for home and traveling (since I try to cook while traveling too)


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