Fun Filled Weekend

Whew today has been one busy day.  As a matter of fact the whole weekend has had us going 90 to nothing.  Friday night was my niece's 25th birthday.  Happy day for her!  So her two kiddos and Princess Emma all popped over for a evening of play.  The kids spent the night and Princess Emma came back over Saturday to continue in the festivities.

Princess Emma showed up with her GeoPalz on.  Have you seen them?  Emma has the butterfly.  She wears it all the time at home, playing in the park and such.  In time she will get to wear it at school but Other Mother wants the new to wear off so she does not mess with it and get in trouble for not paying attention.  Good Idea.    Emma was in her first marathon last year and has hopes of doing more.  She may not be fast but she does not stop at all.  I wish I had her lasting energy.  

GeoPalz is the first decorative pedometer for kids.  You can go online to register your steps for an interactive media and gaming arcade. This is designed to promote physical fitness through rewards-based online gaming. Through the website, users can exchange steps walked (and logged through their pedometer) for time with games. In order to promote the budding young gamer (5+) to also get active and stay healthy, GeoPalz has launched this brand new arcade! GeoPalz has a prize option available (frisbees, basketballs, even bikes), but now the kids have even more options.

There was also movies playing.  Having 3 kiddos from the age of 4 to 6 and both girls and a boy we needed variety.  Sometimes all three were watching and other times one or two was.  Now everyone was happy to watch an episode of Sid the Science Kid.  It was 'Sleep? Who needs it?'.  Gosh that is one for me too.  I sleep so very little with out help of medication.  Sid thinks if he stays up all night then he and his toys can pretend to fly in space.  So at school he checks out just why you need sleep.  I really liked the way the kiddos all learned how to slow down and rest.  I was ready to sleep too!  These new episodes will run in November the 12th - 15th.  Watch for them.

Our lil man was all hands on deck to see Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates in Jake Saves Bucky.  He especially loved having his own inflatable sword to join in on the swash buckling action.  This was just released with 5 episodes so you can pick a show at a time.  We started off with the feature.  Then for a bonus we joined in on the Pirate-oke.  That is a pirate version of karaoke.  It is fun to pretend with the kids this way.  But I have to make sure they do not decide to make me walk the plank.  You can join in on the fun with the downloadable games 7 activities.

Download Printable Activities!

Now the last show the kiddos did not get to see.  I think it is a lil over their age range.  But JD is itching to get her hands on it.  I think it will be part of her Christmas this year.  She is just an overgrown kid like her Poppa.  She has season one so here is part 2 of season two of CatDog.  Shout! Factory always has the best of Nickolodeon shows.  It is pure nostalgia for JD.  CatDog’s friendship helps them to stick together through a steady stream of outrageous escapades that bring fun, excitement and a heap of uproarious adventures — as if they have any choice!

I wish to thank all of the companies above for providing us a fun filled weekend. I promise we did our fair share of running, pretending and even just chilling some.  Hey you know it is movie time with they ask for popcorn for breakfast!

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