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My goodness how the time does slip by.  I am sure your just as busy at your home as I am here.  We have been doing all of the day to day life but add in the extra gotta get done too.  The poor yard was ignored all summer with the heat wave.  And now it has decided to rain.  The most lush yard of horrid weeds you ever did see has cropped up.  So as soon as it stops raining (which we do not really wish for it to do) it is time to drag out the lawnmower.  In December no less.

The Christmas tree has also been hauled out of the garage.  Dusted off and made to shine with the lights, garland, tinsel and ornaments.  Looks pretty okay to me.  And we took down many of our day to day knick-knacks and photos to put up Christmas decorations.  It looks good and so far doggie and kitty safe.  Of course we are keeping the gifts put up.  I can just see how they would all be torn up if they were out unguarded.  

And as always there are last minute gifts to wrap.  You have that at your home don't you.  Something that caught you attention at the last moment.  Or you found in the back of the closet where you hid it last April.  Oh and I had to get some special cards out.  Yes, we have the traditional Christmas cards.  I am a recycler in the worst way.  I use the ones from last year to make tags for my gifts this year.  Honestly!  But I have 3 special cards from Blue Mountain Arts that I just have to share this season.  

One if for my niece who is having to really pull up the boot straps and get down to the nitty gritty in life.  Her husband left her this fall with 3 young girls and no job, car or cash.  Well she did not waste any time at all.  Got a job, found a rent house and is doing what needs to be done.  I know how hard it is on her.  But at the same time, so very proud of her hard work and determination.  In the middle of all of this muck and mire I want to remind her of how wonderful she is.  So I have one that tells her just that.  Some of what this card says is:

"Life can disappoint you sometimes,
and things happen that you didn't expect and don't deserve.
But I know the amazing person you are,
the beautiful dreams you have,
and the wonderful gifts you possess..."

It goes on to tell her how proud of her we are.  And that she is capable of doing much more than she ever expected to do.  More so that she is loved, honored and cherished.  I know it is just the right card for her right now.  

I also have a friend who does not celebrate the holidays in the manner we do.  But I love letting her know just how special she is to me.  Over 25 years of friendship is not to be sneezed at.  And lifetime friends are to be treasured.  So instead of the traditional Christmas card she is getting one of the Blue Mountain Arts cards.  These cards are the creation of Susan and Stephen Schutz.  A start up company 40 years ago that became a nationwide known go to greeting card to find the one that really said just the right thing.  I have always adored the water color art work on the cards along with the perfect poems.  “We are proud to launch our new Blue Mountain Arts Classics greeting cards,” said Susan. “These are emotions and messages about the most important things people are compelled to share with others. Lovely designs are captured in brilliant hues, printed on embossed Deckle cut paper to provide the finishing touch of a feathered edge. These are cards that people will treasure forever.”

The very best of the 3 cards I am sharing this year is the one I gave already to College Girl.  She is my solace, my soul within, my amazing awe.  And I just had to find a way to let her know how much I honor her, adore her and want to always be there for her.  Well of course, that is just what I found in the card for her.  (I told you this is the perfect card company.)   I hope they don't mind, but I just have to share this one with you.  Now remember these are copyrighted.  So please just read, don't use it!

For My Beautiful Daughter

I looked at you today and saw the same beautiful eyes that looked at me with love when you were a baby...
I looked at you today and saw the same beautiful moth that made me cry when you first smiled at me when you were a baby.  It was not long ago that I held you in my arms long after you fell asleep and I just kept rocking you all night long.  I looked at you today and saw my beautiful daughter--no longer a baby but a beautiful person with a full range of emotions, feelings, ideas and goals.  Every day is exciting as I continue to watch you grow.  I want you to always know that in good and in bad times, I will love you.  And that no matter what you do or how you think or what you say, you can depend on my support, guidance, friendship and love every minute of every day.  I love being your mother.

Well?  Isn't that perfect?  Well it is for us.  Especially with the rocking part.  She is 24 and to this day I can wrap my arms around her, rock and she starts to drift off.  You know it brought tears to my eyes and to hers. I am so happy to be able to tell her just how I feel in such a simple yet beautiful way.  

So what is the lil different things you do during the holidays?  Do you single out those very special people in your life and let them know they are honored?  Oh and just so you know, Blue Mountain has Christmas cards too!  Thanks so much to them for sharing with me.  It is also appreciated.
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  1. The cards sound extra special!!!...
    Perfect for the special people in your life..

    Have a great day!!

  2. You are such a warm and caring person. I love to read your stories about your family. I hope that everything works out for your niece. She must be a strong woman.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!


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