Unwinding with a Good Book

Hello all.  Today I started off with a great big ol cup of coffee doused with a shot of butterscotch schnaaps.  And boy did it hit the spot.  Lush?  Naw, just enjoying the small joys of life.  The Other Mother had popped over for our morning coffee routine.  We teased each other over a game of cards.  Then she had to go get Poppi for lunch.  Dear Hubby texted me with a hug, kiss and wink.  Also invited me out to a lunch date.  So happy to get out for a lil time alone.  We really enjoyed the Texas favorite of bacon wrapped, cream cheese filled jalapenos.

Granny M was happy that I did the last of her Christmas gift wrapping before lunch too.  She is all ready to go and visit her great grandbabes on Christmas day.  I know that she will have a wonderful time.  As for here, we are dealing with some much needed winter rains.  Glad to see it but have mud trails from all of the dogs needing to go in and out.  My broom and mop are getting quite a work out.  But the tree is up and unmolested so far so life is good.

I am looking forward to a late afternoon hot bubble bath though.  That is a wonderful gift to myself.  A time that I lock out the world and give in to indulgence.  Warm water with lovely scents to embrace me.  I also take me a book to help me unwind.  And of late I have been taking in my CD player and listening to my story.    Now that is the best way to really unwind.

Well of course I am going to share my latest reading joys with you.  The book on CD I am listening to is based on my favorite fairy tale, Cinderella.  In "Cinder" , a 16 year old cyborg, we see the time honored story with a great wicked twist.  Yes the step mother is a horror.  And there are the step sisters, prince and kingdom too.  But now we are on Earth that is currently crumbling under the devastation that has been plagued upon it.  You know how it goes in the sci-fi world.  Thankfully Cinder is a cyborg that has the ability to get things fixed up just right.  This brings in the notice of Price Kai.  And that is where the story starts to heat up.  Well not to tell you all of it, but let's just say the step mother messes up things, the step sister gets hurt and all of it becomes quite a mess before it all finds the right way of working out.  I am enjoying the twist and turns.  How the scientists get involved and find a new guinea pig (so to speak) that might just change how everything is being done.  Marissa Meyer is a great new writer and a fellow NaNoWriMo participant.  

I have had the book "The Crossings" by Serita Jakes (wife of T. D. Jakes) on my bedside table.  This novel is based in my lovely home state of Texas.  And it is about a murder mystery too.  So you know it is top on my to read pile.  It starts of with horrid shooting 10 years ago.  A gunman opened up fire upon a school bus coming home from a football game.  In the damage done the cheer leading coach is killed and the star quarterback is injured.  The gunman was never caught.  Years later the case is reopened.  Now we have our story.  You can read an excerpt of "The Crossings" here.  And you can hear what Serita has to say about her book here.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

This book follows "What Women Fear" from Angie Smith.  This one hits home because I live in fear most of the time.  The self doubting of myself.  I do not know if this is just from my mental illness that I am always worried about what I do and how others perceive my actions.  Or just my messed up, oh my goodness what am I going to do fears.  But I do bet that most of us do just this at one time or the other.  Angie Smith does hit the nail on the head for me here though.  So many have said to just hand it over to God and all fears will go away.  But I do like that Angie knows it is not just that easy.  That there is work to be done on our part to let go of fears.  And she is willing to give ideas of how to do it. Whether it’s a constant “What if?,” or a nagging fear of abandonment or betrayal, Angie will walk you through every step and reveal how these strongholds can be broken and you can truly be transformed.   You can check out the trailer here.

With these last few books being of the Christian genre, it brings to mind my latest Chicken Soup for the Soul.  "Devotional Stories for Tough Times" is more apt today than in any other time for me.  Not that life has not had it's ups and downs.  But it is a constant struggle daily to figure out how to get all the bills paid, have food on the table and keep the household running.  Not that we are not frugal as ever but that times are just hard.  And I think this is a constant for most households these days.  See there is that fear issue again!  But I do like reading devotionals to help me both lift my spirits and to show me I am not alone.  It is also nice that each story has both a scripture at the beginning of it and a prayer at the end of it.  Sorta helps you see where your headed and to give thanks afterwards.  Struggles test us all, but you will find counsel and reassurance in these devotional stories of faith, strength, and prayer. This collection is filled with stories that show God's presence during times of trouble — from illness, addictions, job loss, grief, and much more — providing a boost and reminder of God's ever-present love. I find encouragement, solace, and hope in these personal stories and prayers.

Well this has been my reading list for December.  I think they have been quite appropriate.  And it is with great thanks that I give to the wonderful PR firms that help me find such books.  I am amazed at how well they know me.  And often contact me with just the right book for the place I am in at.  

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