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Jell-OImage by markaud via FlickrWell today was a swimming through Jell-O day.  Only two hours of sleep last night due to my silly illness.  Yeah, I know, it is ALL in my head.

I am glad to see that I have my presents wrapped finally.  As I said the other day, it was only 12 hours of work. Honestly, how do others get through this season sane?  I love the ability to share with my family and friends.  And I am thrilled that this blog here is such an amazing help.  (Hey, all that let me do reviews, YOUR APPRECIATED more than I can say!)  But it is hard for me to get it all going on unless I just play a whole day to sort and wrap.

There are some favorites.  I bet you would love to hear of my top for the kiddos right now.  Okay, I will share, but do not tell the kiddos.  You know about Old Mother Hubbard and that poor doggie.  Well I tell you she is not so innocent.  I checked her out and found that she had some cards hidden in her apron pocket. If  you don't believe me then check her out at Spudbottom.  I had to laugh at the Mother Hubbard hand puppet and the story around her. Old Mother Hubbard and her mischievous friends are making a come back this holiday season, thanks to Puppet Heap Playthings.   The company recently launched their first ever line of hand puppets  Mother Hubbard Among Others, a richly designed collection of hand puppets.   These fun, and playful puppets will make the perfect gift this holiday season for kids and adults.  I wanna keep mine as it makes me think of Granny M.  Puppet Heap Playthings is all about inspiring people to share through stories and play.  As such, the hand puppets combine traditional storytelling methods with modern technology to literally put the story in your hands. The first line of characters will be based on the Puppet Heap Moving Picture Company short films, “Mother Hubbard Among Others” and “I Knew an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly".  Each puppet will come with a unique code that will unlock a secret window into that character’s world at the Puppet Heap Playthings website.  

Next I have two books that I wanna share with the Grandbabes.  I am so hoping they will be here either Christmas eve or Christmas day.  We have never had that joy as of yet.  But with over 4 sets of grandparents it is hard to get to everyone.  And we are the farthest away.  If they can come then we could read the books together.  If not, then they will be added to their gifts.  I think that my grandson will love exploring "What Am I? Christmas".   This is a simple book that is great for the 3 year old with lift flaps to see what is hiding underneath that is part of Christmas.  Big bold graphics with just a hint of what is hiding makes this a fun book to share.  

And I could share my other new book with my granddaughter.  She is reading ever so well.  I know that she would be thrilled to read to her Nonnie.  And since she loves pets so very much, "The Christmas Pups" will be a wonderful story.  It starts off sad learning how they were abandon on a cold wet night.  Thankfully they are found and taken to a local shelter.  With help from an older dog they learn the ropes.  The two boy pups decide to do all they can to help their sister pup get adopted for Christmas.  I great ending and makes me think of all the animals out there looking for their forever homes.  A great story and the paintings are heart warming.

For my youngest step daughter and her beau, we are sharing a gift that will be perfect for them and their doggies.  Currently they all share our home but I know in time they will be looking for a home of their own.  And with big dogs, one is a Great Pyrenees and the other is a Silver Labrador.  Sadly one was hit by a truck and is now a three legged dog.  Well it is hard for a big dog with only three legs get down to the low food and water bowls.  So instead they are getting the Neater Feeder as their Christmas gift.  The Neater Feeder is a revolutionary one-of-a-kind stylish feeding system for cats and dogs that contains spills and splashes. The two-part container allows food to stay in the top reservoir while water naturally drains into the easy to empty lower reservoir, protecting floors from stains and damage and making clean-up a snap! It has extension legs so that it can be a tall feeder which is what makes it perfect for these two dogs.  Since it has beautiful finishes including bronze and cranberry so that the pet dish doesn't take away from the home's decor.  There is also free shipping on all orders!  

I had the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien DVD for my kiddos to enjoy this summer.  Well now I am adding in volume 4 "The Wild Truth" to the collection.  In the latest installment of Ben’s adventures, a new alien named Ultimate Wildmutt, who packs an unmatched punch and menacing roar, comes to town to help the team as old enemies resurface. Featuring 12 thrilling episodes from the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series’ third season, and an Ultimate Alien Database, the 2-Disc DVD will be a hit.  College Girl grew  up with Cartoon Network and will remember so many of the shows on there.  And I know that the kiddos will all hunker down with popcorn, sodas, blankets and pillows for their own pajama party.  It does not matter if they are all 18 years old and older.  Put in one of the shows they grew up with and all of sudden they are all 13 once again.  I bet that seeing Ben 10 will have them all remembering Friday nights, pillow fights and popcorn fights.  Thankfully they are all old enough to clean up the mess now.

And my last favorite gift this year is for the boy across the street.  He has a very active mind.  Always inventing and creating.  I love that about him.  Well since he is going to find a way to take things apart and recreate them into new ideas anyway, I thought that I would give him a lil help.  "Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things" is a book that was made for minds like his.  I know it will not be long before he will have a Sneaky Action T-Shirt and will be making up Sneaky Animated Nails too.  So many great ideas.  Inventor Cy Tymony can show people how to turn everyday objects and discarded leftover objects from around the house into valuable tools, toys, and devices .  Cy is a modern-day, real-life MacGyver – someone that people might liken to Mr. Gadget, Maxwell Smart, a mad scientist or a modern day scientific wizard -- only he’s the real thing.   In grade school, he defended himself against school bullies with the help of a spring loaded shocker hidden up his sleeve.  As an adult, he teaches and dazzles people of all ages everywhere with the remarkable demonstrations of ingenuity, imagination and creativity.   Pop over and see some of the things you can do with what you have right at home.

Well it looks like it will be a wonderful holiday.  I have to thank the many PR reps who have helped make it so too.  They are great to share the items above with me.  Making my Christmas list just a lil bit easier to fill.  I know that we are all looking for some of the last minute ideas.  Hopefully some of these may just be what your needing.
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