Whistle While You Work

Oh my Cinderella hands!  It has been days of scrubbing, sweeping and cleaning.  The spring cleaning hit in mid winter here!  You know what I mean.  Folks coming in for the holidays.  You turn on the 'bright' lights and see the dirt and smudge that you have been overlooking in the dark winter gloom.  Whew!  Time to get out the ol scrub brush and get on your hands and knees.

We have been doing the top to the bottom of the house.  And I hate to think how icky it is in some places.  When was the last time you moved  your stove or fridge to clean?  Pretty scary!  I do have to say that I am thankful for the Basic H cleaner from Shaklee.  Princess Emma was here and wanted to help.  Well I did not think twice about giving her the spray bottle and a rag and point to the floor.  She sprayed cleaner everywhere.  And with her delicate skin (she is allergic to all kinds of things) there was not any negative reaction.  Of course that is what I expected from Shaklee and the all natural products they create.  And dang if my floor did not sparkle when she was done.  Of course she was wet from the knees down but I was thankful for her willing spirit and helpful heart.

I also love use my Hot Pants while I have been cleaning.  Double duty here.  Both helping me stay warm in our low temps and helping melt off the dimples on my thighs.  It is wonderful to get the effects of exercise while working at home.  Hot Pants has a 2 week challenge on facebook.  They just want you to weigh and measure yourself first.  Then wear Hot Pants every day for 2 weeks.  Then weigh and measure again.  Great prizes for the most interesting stories.  I love that these stretchy shorts have been rubbing my thighs in the right way.  I am loving that they do double duty.  Keeping me on track of my at home exercise goals (helping melt off some of this weight) while also making my cellulite reduce in appearance.

Hey, I also had to get in the bathroom to clean.   ICK!  Don't  you hate cleaning the bathroom.  You know, behind the dreaded toilet and under sinks and that vent you forgot was in the ceiling.  This year the deep cleaning was easier though.  I used my Shaklee Basic H spray and my Scotch-Brite scrubbers.  The best being the Scotch-Brite Grout Scrubber.  Not only did it get the shower looking great, this was the easiest I have ever scrubbed base boards.  Was able to spray, scrub and wipe.  Whew!  Something that goes right makes me smile.  There was also the Non-Scratch Shower and Bath Scrubber that helped me reach without having to climb in the tub.  Great extension handle.  Hint Hint....it also worked for getting back behind the toilet to clean.  My mirrors are shining too with my Shaklee Basic H made up into a window cleaner and the Scotch-Brite Streak Free Mirror Cloth.  Hey, I told you I have been cleaning for days.  You believe it yet?

Oy-Vay!  You should have seen my hands afterwards though.  I mean dry and cracked.  No the cleaners were fine, it was just the constant washing of them and the cold weather.  I was happier after I slathered them down with Waxelene.  This is better than the chemically produced vaseline.  Waxelene does not have petroleum in it.  Instead using all organic soy oil and rosemary oil with beeswax and vitamin E oil.  I have to say, my hands soaked it all up and then some.  They have been so dry.  Cold weather always seems to do that to me.  I even had a crack on my elbow that would not heal up.  I used several other lotions trying to help.  And every time I put my elbows on the table (I know, bad manners) I would wince in pain and draw it back.  Finally I had a duh moment and then put some Waxelene on my elbow.  You know it worked!  The Other Mother loved it for protecting around her lip piercing.  Kept it from drying out.  I want to get some to my friend for her baby.  I just know this will be wonderful for the lil babies bum and diaper irritation.

Well I am getting things ready.   Now that the house is looking better I can start pulling out the tree and lights. Wow, so much to do in so little time.  It always happens, doesn't it?  But if I can continue with the help I have been getting from my family (they have been wonderful) then all will be set up this weekend.  I already finished a 12 hour gift wrapping session.  HONESTLY!  Will tell you about some of the goodies that will be under the tree soon.

Thanks to all the companies that have helped me.  Using the products you send has made my house sparkle and shine.  And also made me smile at the extra ease of use.   I am feeling better about the way things are going.  Now if I could only get this economy a good kick in the patootie and we all have a lil easier financial times too.  Oh and if Verizon ever gets off their lil hinney and gets my internet back up to spead, then I can load photos again.  Dang it!  They have really messed things up for me when they dropped my internet speed to snail movement.  I do not know why either.  Time for me to wrestle with them on a marathon phone call.  OHHHH not what I want to do either.


  1. Honestly, I've been thinking about cleaning more then I've been cleaning -- It needs to be reversed. I have a bunch of people coming xmas eve ...

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the Shaklee shout out and let you know I have a link for 15% off all products whether you join or not (1st order). Would you like me to post here?


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