Getting Back in the Saddle Again

I so enjoyed having College Girl home this last weekend.  Also KT has been joining me at Curves for workout and her Zumba classes.  So it has been a whirlwind of fun with these two young ladies.  Makes me feel like I am years younger.  And gosh who does not want that to be the case at times.  Why College Girl just called to let us know that she is doing her final enrollment for her last semester of college courses.  Wow!  Graduation is just around the corner.  I get so excited when I think of all she has learned and all she will be experiencing in her future.  KT has been sharing what her goals, dreams and plans are too.  By the way, that is College Girl in the blue shirt and KT beside her.  Great sisters!

All of this makes me remember that there is so much we can accomplish when we just Imagine It!  And there is  a way to help share that with your family too.  Imagine It! is a film that is on DVD and digital download that shares movement to get creative thinking and the arts back into schools.  What would College Girl have done if  her dreams of theater and writing was not encouraged in her public school days?  Why right now she is working on her 2nd and 3rd novel rough drafts during NANOWRIMO.  It is so important that we have a next generation of innovators.  This does not just occur either.  No we have to have science, engineering and technology opened up as well as arts, writing and creative ideas to our kiddos.  Like the Shanti Generation of teen yoga skills that I had share with you last week.  This is a non profit organization that is imagining a better world and helping to make that happen.  And you can be part of that movement too!  Join Sally Ride, the first woman in space, the co-founders of The Blue Man Group, Charles Vest, president of MIT and many more as they share ways we can all take action to solve global challenges. Oh and if you would like a DVD from the Cinema Libre Studio (like Shanti Generation) you can use the promo code of CINEMALIBRE2011 to get 25% off any title they have.

All of this also makes me think of how much I need to look around my own home.  What can I do here.  Now that Our Gentleman has passed away it seems so empty around here.  Yet I see so much clutter all around me still.  I am ready to Lighten Up.  But it is so hard to do at the same time.  I want to get rid of things we are not truly using and have more space around here.  It feels wasteful at the same time to have these things just go away.  How do you settle that inside where you have spent time and money to acquire to only to now want to 'un-acquire'?   Well I am going to have Peter Walsh help me.  Well yeah it would be nicer if he would just pop in here and really do the job for me.  But instead I am going to use his clutter-busting principles to help me see how to organize my financial life and create a less is more attitude.  He has audits and directions on how to get rid of the baggage that creates the clutter of our lives.

In Lighten Up you will learn how to:

Change the way you and your family measure happiness
Face your financial situation and set realistic priorities
Create space for what really matters
Plan realistically for financial and emotional security
Be happier with less

This all goes along with how I should be able to trust myself and my decisions.  And in doing so do I trust God is leading my life in the direction it should go.  Of course he knows much better than I do.  It is always so hard to let go and learn to take that step out into the unknown.  Sorta like when your on that rope by the edge of the river.  You know that you can grab it and swing out above the water.  But will you let go?  Drop into that cold water to be washed with the free spirit or will you hang on and swing back to the safety of the river bank?  Trusting God (Multnomah Books, December 13, 2011) written by Girlfriends in God, Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland is a 12 week plan to help me do just that, let go of the rope.  Here I will have a Bible study guide and journal that will help me learn that it is time to reach out once again.  Time to see how can I help someone else and where will that road take me to?  We have lost Our Gentleman but we have not lost our ability to share with others.  And I can not let the fear of losing someone we come to love stop me from doing that.  In the past I have had my home, friendship and life open to help others in anyway possible.  From taking in a woman and her three kids for 7 years to offering dinner and a shower to a man on the road.  Whatever is needed that we have needs to be shared for those who might just need the extra lil help.  Gosh knows that when we do our lives are filled beyond our imagination.  Why heck I might even find myself dancing in the kitchen once again.  It has been known to happen on more than one occassion with new found friends.

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  1. Girl you deserve to dance, so get in there and dance your booty off!!


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