College Girl Making Out Like a Bandit

It has been a nice weekend.  College Girl is here this weekend visiting.  That is code for time for her to come home and do laundry.  No that is not all she is doing.  Actually this is where she seems to decompress the best. And I take that as a very high compliment. Yesterday we started the weekend with a girls luncheon at our local Mexican cafe.  College Girl was able to visit with her sister, the pretty KT, and catch up with her Other Mother, JenJo.  It was great to have some time that we all could just chat and laugh.  Princess Emma dropped in after school to see her sissy.  Poppa did the same after work too.  But they did not stay for dinner.  Poppa has been fighting off a cold.
It is not too bad thanks to the Cold-EEZE spray.  He has used the lozenges before.  But says he loves the spray better.  It seems to kick in faster and go to work even quicker.  Have you ever used Cold-EEZE?  It is a great way to ward off a bad illness.  You start taking it at the first signs of a cold.  Cold-EEZE reduces the duration and symptoms of the common cold including cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, post-nasal drip and hoarseness. It actually shortens your cold to help you get well sooner!  Then last night it was family night hanging out at our local DQ for burgers and blizzards.  I love the new pumpkin pie blizzard and am waiting for the egg nog one during the holidays.  Family is so very important.  Those every day moments are what builds the foundation for the trying times we have to help each other out.

Today it was time for coffee, hanging out and playing games.  Wii challenges between each other had us cracking up.  Then it was time to fix a family favorite, breakfast rice and coffee.  I was able to use my new Krups rice cooker for the first time.  Oh that was so easy easy easy to do!  Love it!  Of course there was chores such as the a fore mentioned laundry.  We have had a lil rain so it was time to cut the weeds down too.  No we don't seem to be able to grow grass only weeds.  College Girl was out there for her first mowing lesson too.  But before she started mowing I had her take some USANA’s Booster C 600.  It is the perfect solution just for those times when you feel your immunity needs a little boost. What sets Booster C 600 apart from other immunity supplements on the market is its special blend of immunity-supporting ingredients.  I know she has had a really hard week and I did not want her system to get zapped.  She has to keep going for the different plays at the college theater.

We also were happy to pass on a couple of items to help College Girl out in her apartment.  You know that space is at a minimum when you have to share an apartment with a roommate.  And that you have to be careful not to damage the walls and such.  So having those lil extras that help out here and there always make College Girl happy.  First I had a Zip 'n Hang for her bedroom door.  With winter coming up I know she has to have a jacket or sweater ready when she is dashing out.  And the back of the door is a great place to have one ready to grab.  But putting up a nail is a no-no when you have to pay for any damage done to the walls and doors of an apartment.  And the over the door hangers have to have so much space on top for them to fit.  But this lil gadget is great with out doing any damage.  You just pull out the lil nylon cords, hang them over each door corner and then zip it up to the height you want it to be at.  The back of the Zin "n Hang has a protective cover so it will not scratch up the door either.  She can put on either the lil hook for a light jacket or the big hook for her back pack and coat.  I love that this will help her out and be able to travel with her from home to home too.

And talking about hanging, we also have a boot hanger, from the Boottique, for her closet.  College Girl has a pair of beautiful dress boots.  I love them.  But storing them in the bottom of her closet they flop over and get all damaged.  If she keeps them in the box laying flat it takes up so much space and is always getting kicked.  Now she is able to hang them right up beside her favorite outfit.  This helps keep the top of the boots nice and straight too.  What a great idea and space saver.  It makes me smile every time I can find a way to make College Girl's life a lil bit easier.

She is loving all the lil extras.  I think that is part of what makes coming home for a weekend such a fun experience.  Always wondering what mom has come up with next.  I admit I look for things that are just right for each of my kiddos.  Isn't it always those unexpected finds that make you squeal with delight?  Well I have one more for her to take back with her.  You see last year College Girl took a yoga class.  She loved it!  But this semester she is in swimming instead.  Now that is great and very needed.  You see she could not swim a lick before this.  Now she says that she is not going to drown!  I know that the stress of classes, grades, theater and all the plays gets to her.  She needs to be able to compress still.  And since she loved yoga so I thought it would be great to give her a special DVD on yoga skills.  I really love the one I found for it is actually for middle school students and teens.  I find that often when you have that level it is easier to understand and then add to your regular routine.  This DVD is a first in a series, Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers, and will be part of an VOD platform.  You can get it after November 8th in retail stores. It was developed by renowned youth yoga expert, Abby Wills, MA.  The  program integrates a series of movements, breathing techniques and practices that facilitate inner calm, positive attitude and a strong, healthy body. Practicing with SHANTI GENERATION helps cultivate body awareness, flexibility, concentration, stress reduction and self-expression. Exercises are demonstrated by Abby’s students and set to positive grooves created by 311 bassist, Aaron Wills (aka P-Nut).

Well this is a great weekend.  College Girl is currently through with the mowing and is digging around in her storage room.  I wonder what all she will find in there?  So far I have seen a coffee maker come inside and the base to a table.  I heard her say she found the books she was looking for too.  I guess I should go and look with her.  If not it is likely that tons will make it back inside the house.  You know how that goes.  So thanks for the great visit.  I loved hanging with you too.  Pop on back in tomorrow and we will see what else is going on.  Later!


  1. dHey Kiddo! Those look like some pretty neat little gadgets! Say hi to college girl for me!

    God Bless,

  2. I bet it is nice when she gets to come home for a great visit, fun times are important. And that zip and hang is just awesome, we can't use those over the door wreath hangers and the magnets always seem to fall off the door because the wreaths are too heavy.

    Tell College Girl I said "Hello from Ohio!"


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