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Good Morning all.  I was so happy to have a whole day with my family.  Of course it started with coffee.  I made two pots....yeah, I have two coffee makers.  One of regular coffee and the other spiced with cinnamon.  Oh it made the house smell so wonderful.  And speaking about coffee I have a plethora of ways to fix it.  From two automatic pots to a espresso machine to two old fashion percolates and ever a coffee press.  You would never think I am addicted would you?

I use coffee to help me get through many a day.  It is my legal non prescribed drug of choice to fight depression.  My fake energy source when I feel like I could crawl in a hole.  And yes, I am still in that state of mind.  The grief of losing Our Gentleman is not getting any easier for me.  Yesterday we found another box of his personal belonging in the closet.  Family photos he has held on to for years gave us insight we did not have before.  A small leather box holding all of his military medals from his three tours in Viet Nam brought tears to our eyes once again.  Two books of poetry that sounded so like the kind heart we knew of.  So many ways of seeing that he had plans on enjoying his life.  And knowing it ended way too soon.  

Our Gentleman also had his Bible in the box.  Many of his favorite verses marked.  All showing that he knew that God was loving and supportive.  That is where I am trying to focus.  Knowing that I am loved and have support all around me.  One of the items to help is a book that shows me that life is for the fun at heart too, like Our Gentleman believed.  Dare to Live: Devotions for those over the hill, not under it!  Elizabeth Van Liere did not choose to 'retire' from life.  But instead to share her zest for life with us.  At 87 she is on the road with her book tour.  I imagine that she can pack bookstores with crowds once you start hearing her speak.  Why?  Well the humor that she has in her book is a great start.  But add that to the devotions that show us how and why life is amazing.  I love that more so she reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:4 ....A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance.  Yes, that is what I need to do....remember that there is always time to DANCE.  Dance in joy, in love, in life.  Time to put the mourning aside and live as he would have had me do.  I still love you so, Mr. C.

Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It! is a jolt of spiritual inspiration, a quick boost for your soul. Rediscover God's grace, hope, and power for living—regardless of your place or age in life. In Dare to Live, 87-year-old author Elizabeth Van Liere leads readers through a thirty-day journey to a fuller understanding of what it means to "season slowly with a mighty and loving Savior." This journey pursues a life characterized by relevancy not regret, generosity not grumpiness, and compassion to the end. These quick shots of instant inspiration might be just what you need to keep going. Whether new to the faith or a lifelong follower of Christ, readers old and young will discover the joy of what it means to be transformed into the image of Jesus and used for His purposes to the very end.

 Chocolates Are Yummy, But God Is Sweeter (from Dare to Live, Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It) So then whatever you eat or drink or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God. I Corinthians 10:31 (Amplified) What is the first goodie to disappear on a dessert table during the fellowship hour at church? Anything chocolate—especially brownies. Ask those among you who is a chocoholic and hands are lifted high with the enthusiasm of a praise and worship band. And happy day! I just read, “Dark chocolate is good for you.” Those words push aside my guilty feelings when I let a piece of chocolate slowly melt in my mouth. It’s not so much the one piece I savor. It’s when I buy a box of chocolates. Not a huge box—no more than a double layer of brown nuggets. One of my daughters-in-law can buy a Hershey’s candy bar and eat one square a day. Not me. I open the box … slowly inhale the aroma … linger over the choice. Will it be a chocolate-covered caramel, a chocolate-covered truffle, or a crunchy chunk filled with nuts? I snatch the truffle and shut the box. Moments later the lid is off again. Just one more piece, then I’ll stop. Sin is like my addiction to chocolate. To live as God wants me to live, especially in light of His grace, requires that I develop self-control in all things—including chocolate. Paul tells us we are to glorify God at all times. This includes eating, drinking, working or playing. “I will not be mastered by anything,” Paul told the church at Corinth. Chocolates are only one of God’s gifts to us. Gobbling one piece after another means the object masters us instead of our being the master, just as overindulging in anything can rule our lives. God’s sweetness is more important than craving for chocolate. Do you suppose a chocolate obsession reveals a soul that is weak and easily led astray?

 Prayer Heavenly Father, You know I cannot keep my hand out of the box of chocolates by myself. I need Your help. So let my eyes skip over the sale at Walgreens for chocolates. Keep my eyes on the road ahead instead of to the side where Stouffers beckons. Grow self-control in me in everything, so all I eat, drink, or do glorifies You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Step Further Proverbs 25:16; I Corinthians 9:24-27
Building Blocks of Faith Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Questions Why do I feel I can indulge myself just because I’m elderly? Does it really matter if I take four pieces of candy instead of one?

Author Bio Elizabeth Van Liere Elizabeth Van Liere ‘s first story, “The Early Bird,” sent in with numerous mistakes, was published by Child Life in 1961. Since then, with much learning, her inspirational articles, poetry, children’s stories, and devotionals have found homes. Now, some fifty years later, at age 87, her first book is available: Dare to Live, Devotions for Those Over the Hill, Not Under It. Elizabeth’s husband died in 1991, but she kept busy helping her daughter raise four sons. Others in her family: three sons, ten grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren. She loves the chance to visit them all, in Colorado and from California to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Germany.

Grand Prize Giveaway $32.95 Value Dare to Live Gift Box Local (Durango, CO) products from Honeyville Ummm! I can taste those luscious pancakes already and oh, that bumbleberry syrup! Or how about some hot, golden corn bread—topping each piece off with some Jalapeno jelly! The grand prize winner will receive a gift box from Honeyville that includes: Whole Wheat Pancake Mix Bumbleberry Syrup Corn Bread Mix Jalapeno Jelly.  Just leave a comment below and tell me what is your Dare to Live moment in life?  Easy to enter right?  Then make sure to invite me over for breakfast too!


  1. I dare....other military spouses to go out and live their lives like "normal" while their husband is deployed.

  2. First off I am very sorry to hear about your Gentleman friend. I must have missed that. It is definitely hard when you lose someone close to you. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Now, on to this great giveaway. I would have to say that my dare to live moment would be to live stress free. Baaaahaaahaaa. I crack me up.


  3. Very moving. The best thing we can do for loved ones who are no longer with us is to live our lives in ways that they would like.

  4. First, I will always know you as Lynette! :).. Now, my heart just swells when I read your comments about your Gentleman. He must have been really special. Thanks for helping get started with my blog...I'm afraid I'll be calling on you a lot in the next few months! Keep it up and keep that coffee brewin'....

  5. I love your posts, but I never really know how to respond to them. You say the most uplifting things and while I'm not an overwhelmingly negative person I am most definitely a pessimist.

  6. My dare to live moment is not pulling out all my hair by the time my daughter is 18. haha!


  7. My dare to live moment is to follow my dreams and finish college!


  8. My Dare To Live moment was when I decided to quit my stressful, but very secure, teaching job. Now I get to spend all day walking dogs and working one on one with schoolchildren--and I love it!

  9. My Dare to Live moment was quitting my long time job (17 years) to start a new career as a nurse!

  10. My Dare to Live moment was ignoring attitudes of my work environment, and getting pregnant with my now 1.5 year old son in my last year of grad school. Best decision ever!! Now, I'm a Dr. Mommy. :)



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