Striiv-ing To Be the Best Me Possible

The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...

Well I am getting back on track.  I have been to Curves everyday this week so far.  Pretty good!  I have
also walked across the Golden Gate  bridge.  Oh and climbed 100 steps.  And walked 4 miles while exploring the beaches of Cannes.  I even helped to conserve a parking size spot of the rain forest for a whole year.  All of this from right here in my own lil home town at that!  Amazed?  Well I was!

I used a new lil tool called Striiv to help me accomplish all of this.  Now I could do a lil of this by charting steps and all with a pedometer.  But that takes a bit of time.  Instead I used my Striiv and it did it all for me!  Think of it as a super charged up pedometer.  This lil beauty helps you stay on track while giving back too.  My favorite thing is just steps can help conserve the rain forest, provide clean drinking water and much more.  By downloading my steps onto the website, those steps are matched with company donations to fit in the charity you choose to support.


There is also daily challenges you can take.  Like walking across the Golden Gate bridge or climbing the Eiffel tower or strolling across the beaches of Cannes.  I can also grow my own lil rain forest with the games that are included.  All by just taking the daily steps and charting them with a push of a button.  Even cooler?  This lil baby will recognize when you are climbing stairs, jogging or taking a stroll with the TruMotion technology .  And mark your achievements accordingly. “Fitness and health are top-of-mind today. But for many people, especially moms juggling careers and family, finding time for exercise is hard to fit in to a busy day,” says David Wang, CEO and co-founder of Striiv. “We’ve combined charities, gaming, and personal challenges with cutting-edge technology to create a seamless way to motivate physical activity. We’re building a playful and inspiring ‘movement around movement’ so that fitness now fits throughout your day.”
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