Meal Time Goodness

What a busy week I am having.  Getting with it in the clean up department around here.  Moved Granny M's plants in from the front porch.  That is a massive chore in itself.  But have to move things around to have shelves to put them on in front of the big front windows for optimum sunshine.  Well to get the shelves I have to move them from other rooms, find something to put in their place to hold what they were holding.  Also have to move what was in front of the windows to clear the space for the plants.  It becomes a massive whole house rearranging chore. But.....whew....I have it done finally.

Chicken fried bacon with cream gravy from Snoo...Image via Wikipedia
Of course that is impossible to do without  doing some other cleaning, sweeping, dusting and such.  We know how it all goes.  I am glad to say that in the last 48 hours I have managed to make my knee swell up twice the size it was.  As well as make myself happier for the ease and access to different rooms I have created.  Oh it is like a good housekeeping type of week.  Oh let's add in tonight's fried feast we are going to have.  Yeah it is fried green tomatoes time.  Add in chicken fried bacon and gravy with a side of home fries and onions.  Bring on the beer and I am ready to go.

Now this is not the normal around here but sometimes you just have to have a good ol mess of a meal.  Otherwise it is great to dig around in a good cookbook and find some new ideas for meal time.  I know that can be as good reading as any romance or detective novel for me.  I have a new favorite to dive into also.  The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook is the bomb!  I know that I have always trusted the recipes from Good Housekeeping.  They do test and retest thousands of recipes every year.  And it is nice to know that a recipe is going to work the first time you use it as long as you are following what it says to do.

I also love that they have kept up with the times.  This is not grandma's cookbook, ladies.  No this is smartphone ready.  You can see videos on how to execute that dish with just a quick scan.  Pretty cool, huh?  Add in expert cooking tips and advice, the nutritional analysis that is oh so important for our diets these days and those easy weeknight meals so we can get dinner on the table before bath time sets in.  Whew, it is a busy day being mom these days.  And with the holidays coming up I am really tuning into the entertaining guide and freezer guidelines.  All of this with a lay-flat binding makes it easy to use, easy to find what I need and easy to do meals at my fingertips.  With days like I have had this week I will take all the help I can get.  Loving this one so much that I have planned on giving the Other Mother her own copy for Christmas.  Perfect for the foodie on your list too!

Want to have even more fun?  Well pop over and enter for a chance to go to NYC and play in the test kitchens of Good Housekeeping for yourself!  Yeah, wouldn't we all love to do just that?  I think it would be a perfect way to enjoy a vacation.  Of course I just love food so dang if this is not just spot on.


  1. Alright already!!! I am going to the store this weekend (since it's my weekend off and I have nothing better to do than go grocery shopping) and I am getting some bacon and making me some chicken fried bacon. That picture was enough for me. It looks delicious!! *drooling

  2. I am going to have to try that chicken fried bacon would be a good day as the fellas are coming over to lay on my couch and warch football..they want beef and noodles for lunch..even though they said they.dont go with beer..who know what for dinner..good day to clean out the freezer
    Hoping to get your package in the mail this morning..will let you know...also I love them like a novel.


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