Well we take the GrandBabes back home tomorrow. And we have to make a road trip. So we are going to do it up right. Texas Style!

Yes dear hearts, you heard that right. Chicken Fried Bacon. And we can not wait to try it. As DH says it is high in Vitamin G (GREASE). I will let you know how it really is.


  1. OMG!!!! I love it. "It tastes good, it just needs more salt!"
    Of course, I made Paula Dean's fried macaroni and cheese squares.

  2. Hey! You sorta neglected to tell me that is why Grandma is going with y'all. DArn short school day & sick kid! I would've snuck into the car with y'all if it wasn't for those two things! I'm never going to taste the chicken fried bacon bliss :-(

    Now, I am going to go find these fried mac & cheese squares the pp mentioned. THey sound like they are quite possibly the worlds perfect food!

    Have fun on your trip, be careful, & enjoy some vitamin G for me!

  3. no way, sounds delectable

  4. Vitamin G! Funny!

    Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!


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