Looking Up!

I arrived home tonight after a great trip across Texas. The house was dark and unwelcoming. We entered and turned on lights as we traveled from room to room. I looked up and noticed the rooms that had ceiling fans. I like the one in our living room with the medallion base. But the ones in the bedrooms and dining room are lack luster. Of course I need to dust them too.

I would like to have something in the dining room that conveys the 50's country kitchen kitsch that I love so much. So of course I started searching for the right one. I found one that offers so many unique ceiling fans from more than a dozen manufacturers. There is a ceiling fan search tool that helped me find the right fan.

I found one that is polished copper by the modern fan company. I love the unique look and still having a kitchen feel to it. Now I have this one booked marked so that I can start saving up for my modern ceiling fan.

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  1. 50's decor sounds like a lot of fun. You should post pics of what you like sometime.


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