Donuts, Chicken Fried Bacon and Fun!

Ok here is an update on yesterdays trek. We ended up driving over 400 miles round trip and it was well worth it. Well DH did the driving. And it rained the whole day.

Our GrandBabes did so well on their trip back home. Mommy was so glad to have her kiddos back home too. DH skipped work from main job to do the driving. (Of course, he went to his 2nd job that he does in the morning and evening.) It was raining (which is a blessing in itself) and he did not wish for me to have to drive in it. How gallant! Since we had to do the first half of the trip my Mom suggested we head to Snook, Texas too. We have been wishing to do this for over a year. And since CG is home this week, it was just too tempting not to do our own Spring Fling.

Our troops left home around 8:30 in the morning and we did not arrive for lunch til a lil after 2 in the afternoon. Of course we stopped at The Donut Shop in Hamilton, Texas to have some of the best donuts that we know of. As we where drooling over the donut case, the owner came out and handed us fresh hot glazed donuts just from the fryer. That was the first food-gasm of the day. Made my eyes roll back as the hot sweet creaminess made its way to my tummy. Of course we had to purchase a big ol box of yummies here. My Mom wanted an apricot fried pie (with a phyllo dough crust) and a large apple fritter. CG was all into the koloches (polish sausages wrapped in a sweet bisquit dough) and the egg, sausage, cheese bisquit sandwich. DH tucked into his fried pie and then attacked his jalapeno koloche. Then a small pig in a blanket was gobbled up. Of course I am the donut queen. I had to have a ol' fashion, a small cinnamon bun with orange glaze, chocolate topped cake donut and then my own lil piggy in a blanket. We purchased sprinkled topped ones and donut holes for the GrandBabes. Ok, OK, I love donuts. Ask anyone around here.

Well we continued on til Waco, Texas. Here we had to say good bye to our GrandBabes. I loved having them but they need time to get back into the groove before school next week. We left them with a big ol box of toy surprises to open at home. Of course there were bubbles to blow, play dough to squish and magnetic paper dolls. (I wanted to play with those.) And back on the road to Snook, Texas. CG liked that we went through College Station, home of Texas A&M. Her college, Tarleton State University, is now a sister school of A&M. Well finally we arrived. And here is what our appetizer of Chicken Fried Bacon looked like.

Oh and I can not describe the yumminess of it. After waiting so long for our lunch. (Ok forget all the donuts earlier.) We ordered 4 servings of Chicken Fried Bacon (with gravy), 4 side salads w/ blue cheese dressing for all of us, Stuffed Shrimp with a loaded baked potato for CG, Chicken Fried Steak, gravy and onion rings for me and 2 char grilled Pork Chops with okra for DH. Mom just ate from all of us a lil here and there. Of course we all had to trade back and forth. I have to say DH's pork chops were great. The 2 piece order was a small order and they were full size chops. My Chicken Fried Steak was also a small order and it was larger than my hand is. And CG's stuffed shrimp had 6 large butterfly shrimp stuffed with devil crab meat and then fried. WE ATE AND ATE!

It was a trip back home of moans, groans and smiles for all the gastronomical goodness that was endured. Playing the sound track to Mama Mia (thanks Nessa) and singing out loud, laughing til CG could not breath and just unwinding. I could not have asked for a better day. We arrived home around 7 at night. Just in time for DH to dress and go back to work at his second job.


  1. I LOVE doughnuts too. Love 'em.

    That Chicken fried bacon looks interesting . . .

  2. She isn't kidding, y'all. She LOVES donuts!

    Glad y'all had such a good time! Reading about all that food made me hungry!


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