CG Still Toils Away

Well CG has just one more day left of her spring break. She has helped me so much with the GrandBabes here. Top that off with a paper she has been working on all week for a final. Sad to say her time she had planned to for Direct TV has gone a lil hay wire.

I wish we could afford to hook her up at school. The only have cable there. There are not any Direct TV Options. I was doing a lil research online to see what she could do. And I found this spot that will help you out. It does the search for you. You type in where you live (zip code) and what your interested in (like hd, sports, movies, ect.) and all the options in that area show up for you. Even the phone numbers to call. Makes research a lil easier.

I know CG wishes her research for the term paper was this easy. But alas she must toil away at it. And if all goes well maybe she can fit in a lil Direct T V before she leaves.

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