Two Thumbs Up for Silver's Lure

Well here is my awaited review of Silver's Lure by our very own Anne Kelleher of Writers, Witches and Words...Oh My! I was ever so lucky to win an autographed copy of her latest novel in her 13 Essential Things for Winter SuperAwesome Giveaway. Anne awarded me this book due to my many, frequent ever obsessive commenting on her blog. BTW Anne is working on her 13 Essential Things for Spring SuperAwesome Giveaway right now. Go enter and see if you win some of her goodies.

To tell the truth I was a lil nervous when I first started reading Silver's Lure. It is not of the genre that I normally read. (True Crime and Murder Mysteries are my fav.) This is a High Fantasy published by Luna of Harlequin Books. So I was prepared for a romance among fairies and elves. Instead I read an intriguing adventure that led me down paths I had never traveled. I followed through hollows of shadows, into dells of fantasy and upon plains of good story telling.

There was a mixture of humans, fairies, goblins, trixies, druids and sidhes. (I had to learn that sidhes are an equivalent of elves.) The names were foreign to my tongue and took time for me to sort out who was who. But that is the way I am in real life so this is of no consequence of the author. Now I am not one to tell what a story is, so I must be sparing in some areas. I will say that I am now looking forward to visiting this land again. I wish to see what all happens to the characters I have now met.

I had read a few reviews before I received Silver's Lure. And one of the reviews stated that this had quite a bit of sex within the tale. To this I do laugh. I was three quarters of the way through the story before any type of sexual activity was mentioned. I did like that this was coupled with the way that people were healed. I myself always found that making love a healing experience.

In all honesty I do have to say that I was reserved. But Anne drew me in, weaved a tale around me and guided me down a new path. Thanks Anne. I am ever so hopeful to be able to continue with your stories.


  1. you're a DOLL!!! thank you so much for this lovely review!!! i am so glad you enjoyed hte story - i know its not everyone's cup of tea! ty for sticking wiht it and i hope you like the one i sent you next ;).... xoxox.... annie

  2. Lynette, I knew we were "soul" sisters...Hand and Foot is just the game we played last night.... and can I say, I get a little bit competitive, you know if someone is in their foot, and I'm not, I get angry... :-)

    By the way, loved your review of Annie's book.... Sounds very interesting.. I read her Johnny Depp story when she posted it on her blog, and I loved it:-)

  3. I haven't heard of this book. Thanks for the review!


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