Spring Fling Winners

Well I said I would announce the winners of the "SITS" look alike Pillows today. I popped over to the random number generator and clicked in the 35 entries that we had. And you could have knocked me over with a feather when the winners names popped up. I could not have picked better myself! So with no further ado... I announce:

AndreaLeigh said...

those are adorable and would go perfectly in my office chair!

Andrea had so many blogs to visit:
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Tiffany said...

So cute!!!

Must have one for me and one for Heather!

Tiffany has many blogs and ones we all know and love.
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Ladies I will contact you on how to get these to you as quickly as possible. Congrats!


  1. Those are ADORABLE! Lucky winners!

  2. They really are cute! Congratulations to the winners!


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