Time to Make a Move

Back in December I had a lady friend and her children staying with us. Since then my friend was able to rent a home. Unfortunately her mail is still coming to my address. I need to have it forwarded to her. And of course to have her change her address.

When I check my mail box and see a stack of bills my heart swoons. I do say I am glad that it is not all mine. I think I am going to purchase my friend a mailbox as a house warming present. Do you think it will be tacky to have a change of address form inside it?

Our mailboxes are in clusters here. Mine is next to our across the street neighbor Nessa. I know that we meet there checking what goodies have shown up. At one time Nessa was looking at beautiful brass mail boxes. I know they would really class up the look here. Maybe some day we can get them.


  1. tacky?! no!!!! useful... definitely!!!! go for it!!! i think its a great housewarming gift and im glad to hear your friend is getting her life back together :).

  2. I agree, that would be a nice gift. And having your own mail box really symbolizes independence, doesn't it?


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