Planning Ahead

It is getting closer and closer to the holidays.  I know that Halloween just finished but I have to plan and get ready.  It is something that takes tons of looking ahead to make sure I get all done.  You know how it is.  Mom's have to do 90% of all of the holidays preparation for all to happen.  From planning out meals, gifts, decorations, cards....oh my...the list goes on and on.

We have a new grandbabe this year and it will be his very first Christmas.  Of course he is just a wee one and will not know what all is going on.  So most of his items are really to help make things easier for his mommy and daddy.  I love making sure that what I share with them is not only the best for my grandbabe (The Turtle) but also good knowledge too.  So I am including a completely natural baby lotion and bath that will not hurt him in anyway.  Gosh, you have to look at all the ingredients that is going into everything these days.  It is hard to know what one will be allergic too lil on what is it, where did it come from and what side effects can it cause.  That is why I was thrilled to find Dolphin Organics.  I can look at the label and see that the ingredients area all natural and what is organic easy peasy.  Even shows what is artificial....but it is always an empty column on the label!  I also like that the very first item on the ingredients is always certified organic aloe not water.  So now I know that my lil Turtle will not only we clean and soft but also safe too.

I also found him his first teddy bear.  Now of course it could not be just any ol bear!  And no it is not the adorable lovable bestest bear, Pooh, either.  I have ruled out Paddington as well.  I want him to have a bear that has character, knows his way around the block so to speak.  A bear that will be there in thick and thin no matter what.  One that does not worry about looking good but about making sure his lil man always has the best friend ever by his side.  And I have him right here!  Ugly Ted is his name and being accepted is his game.  Now Ugly Ted has had to put up with a lot of criticism in his life.  And he knows how hard it is to deal with bullies.  But his has a heart that is pure as can be.  You can share his stories with your lil ones online for free.  I adopted Ugly Ted for my lil Turtle and I bet he will love him to pieces.  I really think it will be his favorite toy through out the years.  And a great way to learn that we love people for who they are not for what they look like.

Oh and I found another cool gift for my oldest Grandbabe, TK.  She is such an avid reader and always so curious that I just knew this was the way to go.  Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons is the best book for her.  Bright photographs of the coolest animals you have ever seen.  Then poetry to tell you all about that critter is there too.  And at the end of the book there is their information on each critter of their natural history.  Along with their actually size in silhouette form.  You will love the bright beautiful crisp clear photographs.  It is what got me right off the bat!  Here is what the double page looks like for Goldfish.

I love sharing with the Grandbabes.  Especially when I am able to help them grow to love all that is around them.  Weather it be from building toad house and bird houses here at home.  Or to share a good book with them that tells them of the world far away from us.  To see their eyes open wide and here the exclaim the surprise of what they that is the fun of being a Nonnie.

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  1. Well isn't Ugly Ted adorable and of course the Curious Critters and the big gold fish got the best of me and I should have know better because of the picture of that frog/toad looking thing but I did it anyway and couldn't stop there. I had to keep going until that big ole thing was huge on my screen. Then I went and clicked on "New Critter" and OMG there were more!! UGGG! After I do believe I have thrown up in my mouth a little I need a nice stiff drink. EWWW!


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