Diva Moments

Whew!  What a busy few days.  But oh so great to have experienced.  I have days of things to tell you.  It has been one Diva moment to the next.  So in a nut shell here it all is.

The first Diva up is Our Gentleman who is in the hospital from dehydration and not eating.  He is doing much better and should be home in a day or two.  He is already looking 100% better but he would have to if you had seen him two days ago.  And once things are up and going again he only has 5 to 8 radiation treatments left.  That is the light at the end of the tunnel.  I know we will be throwing a party for him then.

The Other Mother and I popped up to Dallas yesterday for a party at T-Hee.  That was a great way to feel like Divas ourself.  After having my glass of wine (what a way to shop) we were then going from nook to cranny looking at all the fun items.  We are planning Dear Hubby's birthday party in November.  And what we want to do, we could never find around here.  Now I have to be on the hush hush here for now because Dear Hubby may be lurking around.  I do not want to give away the fun we have planned.  But can I show you some of the really cool items we did see?

 I fell in love with the Vera Bradley collection.  This is new for me but I know y'all have seen these bright patterns.  I could decorated my whole house with the flowers and paisleys.  The Other Mother was just drooling over this one!  I know that I would be the Diva with the MOST if I had just one of these bags.

 Aren't these too cool?  I wanted to get one for College Girl.  They are bottle openers.  And doesn't every College Girl need one for the party starter?  Okay she is not big on parties but dang what fun is this?

 Halloween is just around the corner.  Why let all the lil kiddos have all the fun?  These are toilet seat clings.  And look at what may be waiting for your guest when they just have to go.  IKES!  One of these did end up with us...but that is all I am saying right now.
The Other Mother picked up this pink Melissa & Doug stampers set for Princess (Diva) Emma.  And she already had it out this morning playing before school.  These are great since the ink is washable so she can also use these as washable tattoos too!

College Girl is a fan of Johnathan Adler and they had some of his collection there.  The travel coffee mug is perfect.  Even the right Tarleton Purple color for her.  Any of this would help her feel like a Diva.  Thanks so to T-Hee for letting us browse.  And of course to Dallas B2B and Texas Holly for keying us into this event.

Now I mentioned Divas.....well I felt like one too.  First the T-Hee party then off to the Anatole Hotel in Dallas.  I just had to stop by to say a hello to Roger Barnett.  He is the CEO of Shaklee.  And at the beginning of the summer when I was invited to California it was from Shaklee.  Roger made me feel amazing.  From the spa to the wine tour to dining out, I was all Diva.  So you just have to understand that since he had made it all the way to Texas, I just had to go say hello.  After a few minutes of visiting and a hug and kiss goodbye......well the trip home was next.  All my Diva moment floating behind me.

Well this all makes me wanna share one more Diva. Ding Dong The Diva's Dead by Cat Melodia has been on my bedside table this week.  I was first drawn to it for the theater aspect and College Girl having taught me so much of the behind the scenes of .....well the scenes. The main character Deborah de Lille is an opera singer who has been doing low budget shows.  Finally she has her foot in the door for that move up with a small town company.  Now this I can relate too.  From there the fun starts.  You know how it goes when there is great competition, you just step over the one in front of you.  Well that is especially true when they start dying off.  I laughed out loud time and time again.  A winner of a murder mystery and a great comedy, something that is not often found in the same sentence lil on same book. The artists assembled Tales of Hoffmann know that opera on not the only thing on their minds. A rapid role call of who is to love who are not for the faint of heart. But the atmosphere may have become literally cutthroat. The singer who died under suspicious circumstances will be replaced by Debbie.  Then a minor player suddenly decides to leave so Debbie assumes that  role. With two small roles it seems that they become something to kill for. The cast and crew are rollicking fun while showing the dysFUNctional side of life too.  It has all been great fun of guessing who done it.  I cant wait to find out if Debbie continues in other shows aka books.  Cat may think about how Debbie would do traveling with a show doing Le Miz?

Thanks so to Tribute books for sharing in the fun with me.  I have to say, that I never knew how much I could enjoy a blog tour before teaming up with them.  You will also enjoy reading more at Cat's blog.


  1. Thanks Lenore for taking the time to read and review Cat's book. I know things have been hectic for you with the family reunion and "Our Gentleman" being in the hospital (it's so good to hear he'll be home soon).

    My Mom is a huge Vera Bradley fan, so I know she will appreciate your photo of the new Fall/Winter patterns.

    And of course, I'm glad that you enjoyed the mystery and comedy of "Diva." I bet hearing stories from "College Girl" added to your appreciation of the story. Sometimes in the performance world there's more drama behind the curtain than on the stage.

    Always glad to have you on board for a book tour.


  2. I am so getting the spider screen for my mother's toilet!!!

  3. Al those bright flowers and paisley would date very quickly.


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