New Treats, No Tricks

Well we are gearing up for Halloween here.  It is not a big thing to me but of course all the kiddos love it.  And Other Mother and Princess Emma really do it up well.  I always have the bowl of candy and all but neighborhood trick or treating has really become non-existent.  Most of the kiddos here go to the town square and the businesses have booths set up for them there.  It is safe but sure does change the whole look of Halloween.  Oh and it is not even dark when they are there!  I understand all the safety precautions but, WOW, how life has changed.  What was your favorite part of Halloween when you was a kiddo?  The candy, dressing up, staying out after dark?  Mine?  The lil ol lady who put a bowl full of candy on her porch and left it for us.  Honor system....sure.  Never worked.  We all took great big ol handfuls from that one!  Or my favorite lil ol lady who always had a whole 6 pack of full size Hershey chocolate bars just for me!  That is a Halloween haul in itself.

Of course I know that we have to adapt to the changes in the world.  So I also am doing my part.  This year I am contributing prizes to a Halloween party.  Instead of just tons of tummy ache candy there will be door prizes, games with prizes for the winners and even a scavenger hunt.  Since my own Grandbabes will not be here I thought that if I shared some prizes then it would be a good way for me to get into the spirit of giving.  So what to share?  Well of course we are adding in a big bag of mixed candy for the kiddos.  But then we thought we would do some more original gifts.  My first pick was Hand Vibes.  Have you seen them?  Well they are like the ever popular rubber bracelets but are rings instead.  And each one has different words on them.  Mine say "Groovy" "!Live!" and "Word".  Another one has a heart on one side and a broken heart on the other.  There are also hidden rings in the package that may have words on them as these do or could be rainbow, black or emoticon on them.  Of course they are on Facebook like the rest of us.  Great place to show off the ones you have.

Another one I am sharing is JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS: THE TRULY OUTRAGEOUS COMPLETE SERIES on DVD.  This was a 1980's cartoon that played up on the girl power pop rock culture that was so popular.  I know that I had it on so I could be-bop to the tunes with my lil girl.  Yeah we know that us mom's watch all the cartoons too.  Really try not to get the Phineas & Ferb soundtrack not stuck in your head!  But Jem and the Holograms was like battle of the bands for kids.  And the 1980's fashion was so much fun.  I mean who does not want pink or purple big hair?  Okay, I am a throw back.  Well I bet that there will be others who will enjoy this now as much as we did then.  Oh and I also have coloring sheets you can grab too!  Wonder if you will get the crayons out to 'play' with the kiddos?


  1. Hey Kiddo! I love you too! The grand babe is adorable! Just let me know when to come over for the cans and I'll do it. I met Katie the other day when I went to see Neita! She's a doll! Well, I have been being lazy today, so I guess I'd better get a move on and go see Neita. Give me a call or e-mail when it's convenient. You know me, I don't like to come over unexpectedly. God Bless.

  2. They have Jem on DVD? I have to get that!


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