Bring on the Blessings

Today I have been pulling my hair out.  Why?  Well our Gentleman is so ill.  Yes he is fighting cancer.  Yes it hurts his throat.  He is close to being done with his radiation treatments.  But now he is not eating or drinking.  And has been put in the hospital for dehydration.  All because he will not eat or drink for us.  It is like he is giving up right here at the end having to fight.  I am so frustrated from wanting to help him, keep him safe and loving him so much I do not want to lose him.

There are so many things to be thankful for.  Ways to count our blessings.  To celebrate our family and friends. I have seen this day after day this last week.  Even seeing water in the lake during the drought we are in makes me thankful.  Small things but small things add up!

Every day my Dear Hubby tells me he loves me before he leaves home, he calls or text me to tell me he loves me and tells me when he comes home.  It is a small daily thing that adds up to an amazing profession of continued unconditional love.  And it means the world to me.  Also it is noticed by those around us so he is able to be a testimony of how to share your love.  Our youngest daughter's fellow has noticed!

Another way?  TGIF!  Yes you have heard Thank God It's Friday before.  And I bet you have also heard of T.G.I.Friday's   That is a place that shares the fun of dining with family and friends.  They also have food in the freezer section of our store.  I had a lil yipee celebration due to them just this last Friday.  I had a coupon for T.G.I.Friday's Entrees for one for free.  I tried the Cajun Style Chicken Alfredo.  It was great tasting, quick to fix and a large enough serving to fill me up.  Why did I tell you this?  Well the blessing of a free meal first off.  The other is that they are having a Fun Freezer Contest on their facebook page.  They will be picking a winner this month.  I love looking through the entries that entered.  Just something that makes me smile.

What else?  Well Saturday was the family reunion on my Dear Hubby's side.  We had a great time.  Visiting with everyone.  And ALL of our kiddos and grandbabes where there too!  What a great way to celebrate how important families are.  Having generations all around you.  Older ones you can learn from.  Young ones you can giggle with.  And those that are right there with you......plodding along in life and taking the small blessings as they come.  I had so much help from my kiddos too.  That was so appreciated that they were there for me!  Dear Hubby and a cousin were our fun auctioneers for the White Elephant Auction.  They had us all laughing.  I feel so blessed to be taken in by this family, accepted and even honored for just being lil ol me.

How do we count our blessings?  Do we see the lil ways they add up?  Is our Gentleman here noticing all he has around him right now?  Can we help him see that he is loved and wanted?  And how do we teach our children to count and share their blessings?  Well we can with the Blessings Bank.   This is a great way to teach children how to save and how to share. Every time a child receives any money, a little is placed into the Blessing Bank (like a piggy bank), except the child learns that all the money set aside in the Blessing Bank is used for charity or someone in need.  They also have Blessing Bags. Each Little Blessing Bag is a convenient, coin-collector that allows for a timely blessing when you encounter someone with an immediate need. The bags are perfect for keeping your blessing ready when driving, traveling, volunteering or for church offerings. Little Blessing Bags teach the lifelong principle and joy of giving.

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  1. I wish I could have you PMA. Your blog posts are so refreshing to read after writing the abhorrent filth on mine. :)


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