Good Marriages

This last summer we were so thrilled when two of our best friends were married.  It is so wonderful when you see a couple come together to create a new union.  A bond that was not there before but now seems like it will always be.  We looked at the combination of a down to earth lady and a man who dreams of things to be and knew that they could combine into a life that would be magical.  Every day he takes his beautiful dog for a walk in the northern woods and explores.  And then he shares his finds with his lady.  She then joins in with her camera to memorialize the beauty of nature that he sees.  Fantastic!

It is that way also in other ways for me.  I love what Shaklee stands for in working so hard to stay a company that helps others succeed while caring so for our earth.  (Did you know they were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset our C02 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.)  Their products are also concentrated so you can use them for a much longer time by mixing them up yourself.  I combined the Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate with my Libman Freedom Mop.  Now I have a super duo here.  An organic cleaner that uses less to work combined with a wonderful mop that I can wash the pad and reuse over and over again.  That is a marriage of clean and green that is not only good for our earth but money saving too.

There are other ways to combine a good marriage of products too.  For example every year our local Curves joins in to raise money for breast cancer research.  We have a sponsored walk.  Now that combines our ability to continue a healthy exercise with a way to help others find a way back to good health.  It is wonderful to see so many people come together to make this happen.  This time I get to add in a third company in the fold.  The Tic Tac® brand launched its 2011 Shake, Share & Care campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and CancerCare®.  This is the seventh year of the Tic Tac brand’s partnership and commitment to CancerCare® where Tic Tac® will again make a $100,000 donation to the charity.  Tic Tac® has also launched the Tic Tac® Extraordinary Caregiver Contest on the Tic Tac® USA Facebook page to honor the many caregivers that have dedicated themselves to helping those affected by cancer.  They have also sent me 12 packages of the new Pink Grapefruit Tic Tac® candies to share with our own team of walkers.  It will help them keep their mouth fresh, moist and energized while walking for a cure.  What a marriage of good will all the way around. 

Speaking of good marriages, I also combine my love of Curves exercise with my fav Shaklee Cinch shakes.   Work outs require the energy.  And Cinch starts my day off.  My favorite combo so far has been mixing Vanilla Cinch with ice, apple juice and a touch of cinnamon for a refreshing breakfast smoothie.  With this Texas heat you have to have a way to stay cool and keep energized.  And I have lost 10 lbs this last month too!  You know just 10 lbs a month will get me to my -100 lbs goal in a year.

Two Reese's peanut butter cups in orange packagingImage via Wikipedia
 So what two or more products have you ever brought together to make a wonderful mix?  And has it been something that you shared with others?  I mean we all know that Reeses brought together peanut butter and chocolate.  And we all love a good combination of Kraft with Mac & Cheese.  Right.  So when we find that right mix we stick with it.  I feel that way with many things I have been lucky enough to share.  And these I try to share with you.  By the way, this was unpaid.  I just love Shaklee and Libman.  They are my favorite two companies.  Tic Tac® did share candy with me and my walking team.  But I admit, I asked them to do it for the Curves girls....they (Tic Tac®) were a doll to do so for us. 

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