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Today I thought I would share some pictures and the lil tales behind them with you.

Our first one is a Texas Tall Tale or is that a Fish Story (those are always big!).  While we where house sitting last time, Jimmy brought us a fish for dinner.  Now remember Texas is in the middle of a horrid drought.  But Jimmy pulled in this 35 pound blue catfish from the local lake.  What was nicer was his wife and him taught me how to clean it.  We then later breaded it with shrimp breading (more flavor mixed in automatically) and had us a wonderful fish fry for dinner!

I have to say that I do not sleep well at all.  My wish is to be able to sleep like cats do.  Anytime and anywhere!  Our two kittens decided the kitchen counter is a good spot.....especially on top of the dishes.  So much so that we had to cover them with dish towels to keep them clean!

Today when Princess Emma came in from school she wanted to help me brighten up the day.  So we decided to add some color to our outside porch walls.  There was already a sun and moon hanging on my walls outside.  But they were just made from red clay.  Thankfully with the help of some sidewalk chalk we soon had a brighter outlook.  What do you think? 

I found a new exercise routine.  It helps me stay motivated by walking.  But in this Texas heat a walk around the block can be quite bothersome.  Even twice around the block could wear a girl out.  Now I can do it all in the comfort of home....and you can too.  Wanna join me in a walk around the block a couple of times?

When the Grandbabes were here last, my TK wanted to cheer up her Nonnie.  And that she did.  What a simple thing but I promise you that a nosegay of lil wild flowers can always make you smile.  She picked the wild Lantana outside then used a bit of clear tape to hold them together.  Just a lovely spray of color.  I put them in an antique pill bottle with water.  And let the stay there til they dried....as a matter of fact they are still there.  When was the last time you had flowers given to you?

We love to shop at the local Dollar General.  Great prices and even better customer service.  But I found another plus!  Their store brand is Clover Valley.  And I can get almost any staple in that brand.  With a guarantee.  Tell me when you ever saw a 100% HAPPY Guarantee?  I know my photo is blurry but it is a great thing that makes me smile to just see it.

We also was able to make Princess Emma happy too.  She loves her after school snack and the best is Yoplait Yogurt.  Now with her in school she also can carry it for part of her lunch.  Do you see her new beautiful Yoplait Yogurt PINK lunch tote?

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  1. I would pick out the 1carat diamond 10k bracelet

  2. One way you could incorporate yogurt into the diet of a man who does not like yogurt is to put it into a smoothie or you could even bake it into bread or cookies. There are plenty of ways to sneak it in!


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