Surprising my grandkids by taking them to the Chicago play

Guest post written by Anna Davis
I thought that it would be really neat for me to fly my grandkids out to New York right before they went back to school. Some of them are going to college this fall and I thought this may be one of the last big trips that I'll be able to take them all on. Well, I knew that we would just have to go to a musical, so I decided that it would be a great idea to take them to see Chicago.
Well, before I was going to take them though, I decided that it would be a really great idea to get my hearing aid replaced, so I got that all taken care of online, along with buying our tickets for the Broadway show.
I think that the Chicago play may have been a little bit risque in retrospect, but I think that all the grandkids really like it. After all, it was so entertaining! I don't think you could ever see a bad Broadway play. Even my grandson liked it, which I was a little worried about!

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  1. You know, it's very refreshing to hear of someone who has lived long enough to have grandkids getting out and doing cool stuff like this.


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