Update and Winners!

It has been another busy crazy week for me.  Between trying to get the house in order from the summer heat wave.  That is just nuts in itself.  To house sitting once again.  And those ever so lovely bills that clammer for my attention.  Hate them!  Dear Hubby getting out of a sling on his arm but still nursing the injury.  Oh nuts!  I am pulling my hair out.  So where to start?

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...Image via WikipediaDid you know that if you #1 kill all your grass and have a dirt yard (drastic attempt to get rid of stickers) and #2 have all your doors and windows open due to no a/c running to cool the house.  You get #3, actually sand drifts on the floors to sweep up.  Not once a day, not twice a day but three and four times a day.  Forget mopping.   I would have mud in here then!  Honestly.  I am washing down counters, stoves, tables the works on a regular cycle just trying to keep the dirt to a low level.  But the heat says I have to have open windows and doors for air flow.  Hate it all...but no answer to the poor.  HA HA

I am so far behind here that it scares me.  SO expect tons of reviews popping up as soon as I can get them done.  While I was house sitting (anything for cool air and water!) their internet was down.  No work done that way...but I did get to relax and have another lil staycation.  Since tomorrow is Dear Hubby and my anniversary it was great to have the away time.  Not bad for a cheap solution to a get away weekend! 

I have a now photo of the grandbabes now.  All three!  So thrilled to see them any chance I get!
That is my TK, The Turtle and LLL there.  Not sure it the Turtle is trying to smile or grimace from being held down!

Oh and I have winners for giveaways.  For the Pain Free Weekend of 1 bottle of 60 capsules of Curamin the winner is:

Entry #10 Tammy @ LoveMy2Dogs
Thanks so for tweeting for us.  That is how you won.  Great job and hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!   
And the winners for You Had Me From Hello Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music are:

Entry #29 Nessa
Entry #9 Pamela James
Entry #21 Rachel McGuire
I will be contacting you for  your mailing information to send on to Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Congrats!


  1. Love the picture of the grandbabies, Sorry about all of the dust.. but I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do.. and you seem to handle it with Grace and don't get to worked up about it.. and Congrats to my sis in law Tammy!!! Shes the winner.. and I found my mail yesterday and my book came.. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  2. Yee Haw!! Thanks I hope it works! And Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Oh that picture is just adorable!!!


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